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It saddens me to report that my dad, Dwayne Sheffield, passed from this life on December 19, 2014.  He has been an inspiration to many and will be sorely missed.  I will leave his website up for those that continue to seek knowledge and wisdom.  I know that he appreciated all of you viewing his life's work and I hope that everyone will continue to share his message of love for all and peace on this earth and beyond. -- Rick Sheffield

Elton Dwayne Shefffield
11/14/1940 - 12/19/2014


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*Mythical Jesus
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*The Lost Light
*The Serpent Protector

*The Tree of Life
*The Tower Of

*The Two Abrahams
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"The Two Witnesses The Holy Gram of Biblical Physics"-
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"Come Out of Her My People". A book I wrote in 1968 about corruption in religion and politics.
  Awareness Center-
What's now being reported concerning corruption in  'Religion & Politics'.

The Girl That Silenced The     World For Five Minutes.


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    This site is an in-depth study of biblical duality and its relationship to theoretical quantum physics, universal laws and the pattern that synthesizes them (without contradiction).

    My purpose is to present the one knowledge that cannot be contradicted. It is found inside the illusion of duality.

    Contradictions are the energies of life, and 'Without Controversy' great would be the mystery of creation. 

    The worlds differences evolved from un-enlightened
morality makers. Those who through fear and intimidation have frightened and herded the masses into unquestioning obedience perpetuating the fleecing of their mental, spiritual and physical worth and have caused wars upon wars throughout the ages.

    In order to deal with the concepts of these folks we must deal with their source of strength,
and in this case it is scripture. Not only scripture of the west but also of the planet for they are all dual and of much multiplicity in their application to the unenlightened.

    This site is not about what is right or wrong, good bad or indifferent. It does not offer you a faith or path you should follow. Its purpose is to explain how certain things work so you can see how you fit into the universal scheme of things.

    My field of learning has been in metaphysical esoteric religion and theoretical sciences. However, the way the universal laws work does not limit it to these areas alone. It is this I want to relate to the inquirer. The information here-in will take you into the deep hidden mysteries of the bible and any of the worlds ancient teachings so you can see the sub-structure of them all. This will take diligent effort on the part of the serious seeker (Hebrews 11:6 - key word is diligent).

     I'll be using the King James Bible for interpretation since it has been the one most propounded in the history of teaching Christianity. It is the one many others have built upon in their publishing of new books or bibles. I am one that likes to go to the root, or to the horses mouth if you will. The earlier the publication the less tampered with.

    If I had been born in another religious culture I would be using their Bible or book, for they all have the same recondite sub-structure. I've been researching the Bible, among other scripture, for over forty years and have discovered a pattern, a super-string, or the silver cord, that connects all ancient writings and the laws of natural science without contradiction.

    I realize this is saying much, but once the structure of how duality, in this case the Bible, is laid out, it immediately shows its relationship with all things. I know very little about the mathematics of physics but, what they do have and are discovering in the esoteric field of physics relates to the esoteric interpretation of the Bible and all other universal sciences. It is this, I would like to share with those who are still bound by the traditional way of interpreting any scripture.

    I will introduce some key conversion scriptures to help unlock the apparent illusion of contradiction and relate them to what theoretical physicist are finding in their ghost (spiritual) theories. As we all know, in truth, there is no contradiction or controversy ("God is not the author of confusion" etc.); on the other hand the appearance of it is very necessary for getting ones attention, and hopefully, stirring up the inquisitive, skeptical or pure conscience. 1st Timothy 3:16 addresses the point thus; "And without controversy [or reflection] great is the mystery of godliness...." or you could say - knowledge, because knowledge is synonymous with the word - God.

    The scriptures have two sides to them. One is called carnal, and the other is spiritual. To teach them carnally is called the law (the exoteric teachings of any scripture), which is the strength of sin (error). To teach them spiritually is called Christ, or understanding, the
life or blood of the word etc.. I'll cover most of this in a discussion about the law. (Please note): There has to be much scripture brought in at first to show how the apparent contradictions convert themselves. There also may seem to be more repetition than necessary, but essential in order to see how they work on other levels. Bear with it and the parenthetic's, eventually it's not noticeable.

.....Once there has been ample biblical explanation in order to relate to physics and other areas, I'll add some interesting and related works from various writers in their field and will include most of them by "links" from my pages. These links will be the 'life-line' to understanding what my site is all about - and should be read to do so.

For many of you this will be something you can just read and comprehend, and for others you may want to copy and print for closer study and constructive scrutiny. For those of you who have read my book, "The Two Witnesses/The Holy-Gram Of Biblical Physics" will find I've expounded a little more on certain points, here, where I didn't take space in the book.

    The Bible, understood spiritually (or esoterically), explains how the universe(') came into
being before the Big Bang; how that God and the original universe are one and self begotten at the same time; who and what God is; the inner and re-action of all its laws; involution, evolution, re-incarnation of the spirit, Karma, biology, astronomy, spiritual - mental- thought DNA; the decoding of the pyramids, the Unified Field theory, which is the consolidating kinship of every atom that exists, and the COMMUNICATIVE (and Commutative) harmony RESOUNDING in ABSOLUTE universal intercourse (Gene-culture Co-evolution).

   It is also understood as; The Lamb's Book Of Life, The Akashic Records; Universal (Cosmic) - Collective Consciousness, the Zero Point Field etc.. Many of you are aware of this but (-because I've been there), my concern and compassion is for the innocent (inadvertently, and the guilty) that can't enjoy reading the things we do because they have been bound and blinded by the literal interpretation of the Bibles books over the centuries.    

    It is now time to see the other side of it, to help those under tradition that live in fear and dread of a god that punishes the innocent and unlearned. Besides, it is written, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do, i.e. the guilty/innocent ones". If this is true, then who's doing the punishing....? The condemning....? The scorning....? Can it be done by those who know truth (Christ - universal understanding?) Truth comes not to condemn but to enlighten; to raise up to fulfill, and forgiveness (understanding) is one of its manifestations.

     All ancient scripture was not written to - or for human beings; they were written to the one that resides 'in' the human body; to the one that 'leaves' the human body at 'its' death, - 'the spirit',
the one experiencing the human experience; not to the human intellect - the (un-enlightened) soul - of which = man; thus the confusion of interpretation (John 4:23,24). The literal story of Jesus (Son-Of-MAN) is a personification of the macro - micro - evolution of universal understanding, truth, love and righteousness out-side and in-side all of us - everywhere in the universe; we are not alone, God does not work in a corner.

    These are Bible stories that reflect the laws of the invisible world of spirit and energy and portray - indeed, the Operation of Energy in Matter (OEM), and The Zero Point Field. According to the spiritual interpretation, here-in, these stories never happened physically, as it appears but , since there was mind or an observer - they have always happened. These stories, or Idols/graven images, are real in the
documents of cosmic collective thought; i.e., Interlaced intelligence; again, referred to as the Lamb's Book Of Life or the Akashic Records.

    Again, there are two sides to scripture, and for six thousand years (or six days) we have only been presented with one of them, you might guess which one that is. But, was it necessary? If considered as germination for the evolution of thought; you could say - yes! Again - The literal interpretation of the bible is a cosmic personification (designed hologram) exhibiting the virtual imagery of the Operation of Energy (life) in Matter - within all things, and "we are, in fact, manifested energy from the very sources we are observing", both the physical-mental - and the spiritual.

    Here is a true quote from the New Testament Apocrypha by Hennecke - Schneemelcher, volume 2, pages 319, 320, under the Acts Of Peter; "You MUST KNOW the mystery of all nature [the things that are made, a.k.a. image-ry], and the
beginning of all things, how it came about " [biblical reference: Romans, 1:20; "made" being the keyword]. "Know Thyself well, and learn the things that are and all that is." Pomander to Hermes.

    To me, there is nothing more beautiful than pure unadulterated esoteric logic. What few books, from the many, they used to compile the Bible, still makes it one of the greatest science books going. For those of you who still have a distaste for the Bible, and at this time care not to get this deep into it, can read or review
Deepak Chopra, or, Gregg Braden's findings and still come to many of the same conclusions that I have found in Biblical research. It is just so beautiful seeing this understanding on so many levels in its synthesis, and let me add - without contradiction. Plotinus, on "Contradiction".

    "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
Science, Philosophy and Religion: Albert Einstein; a Symposium (1941) ch. 13..  According to von Eckartshausen, science degenerates into evil if religion and faith disappear.

And..."Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds". The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices - but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence (Albert Einstein)." Only those engulfed in fear, have no choice but to disagree...

    If you enjoy a good paradox here's one for you: The Bible is an 'out and out' lie, but everything 'in it' is a mind altering truth" (explanation inside).

    If you have any questions or suggestions or would like clarification about something I have written, please drop me a note - it might help myself and others by doing so. My goal is to become one with love (pure universal knowledge) again. Thank you and enjoy the site. I hope the
"Blue Pill" people can see.
Dwayne Sheffield

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   I Am That I Am A most beautiful poem by my dear friend and brother, Philip Adams. And A darn good  songwriter - all styles. Here are some older writings as of 12-26-2002 titled, "The Army Of The Lord", "You Can't Take It With You When You Go" and "The Answer", and more will be linked there also. Perhaps, among some of the best. His wife (Rosey Carter Cash), is in the same category, and has just cut one great demo of some of the songs. One of them, "Cry Baby Holler", by  Philip Adams and Merle Kilgore ("Rosey Carter/ The Wildwood Rose" is the name of the album), it is to be released  2007. As of 10/24/03 Rosey passed on from small heater asphyxiation. She most assuredly will be missed. Peace my friend, Dwayne.. Some new and old photos.


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