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Subject: STOP THIS DEBATING!! Diversity is not the secret of our strength!








What you are about to hear is absolutely shocking. It is extremely urgent, and you are encouraged to share this information. You are about to learn something about your society you never knew before. This information will give you a head start on the road to knowing what is going on, and in deciding what you can do to protect both yourselves and your families. You may copy it and give it away to friends, relatives and associates, just so long as you do not change the content nor use it for your personal financial gain. After hearing this tape, you will realize something about your society that very few people know, and you will be enabled to partly understand the seriousness of the imminent crisis which is about to take us by surprise. If you choose not to hear or share this information with anyone, keep the tape as our complimentary gift to record with as you please. Therefore, without further delay, we ask some very important questions.

Would you like to understand what is going on in the world today? Would you like to know why the stockmarket is going up and up and up whether or not there is good economic news? Would you like to understand why laws are becoming more and more strict and even oppressive? Would you like to know why our government doesn't move by opinion polls and why, as time progresses, she does not even care what the American people think? Would you like to know why society is vastly different from what it used to be and what it will eventually end up becoming like? Well I am going to give you that information without cost or obligation; for if you do not react quickly, what is about to happen to you in light of the changes taking place will cost you far more than your freedoms, rights and liberties.

With our societal problems mounting themselves into recognition, a major question is also gaining momentum and mounting right along with those problems. The question is, WHO WILL LEAD? With our problems mounting and society heading for collapse, those who have their eyes at least partially open to what's happening in the world are wondering who can have both the wisdom and the power to make right decisions not only for the American people, but for the world. The question which therefore presses upon our minds is WHO WILL LEAD! Who will restore order and peace to the world! If we remember history, we find that whenever there are societal problems which threaten its existence, there are always options which would then be presented before the people as solutions to those problems.

But too often men have approached society with pleasing words and glorious promises only to create a society which could not function without destroying the liberties and lives of hundreds and even thousands upon thousands of people. Communist leaders came upon the scene and became popular and glorious especially at times when problems were flourishing. This should give you some idea as to who or what caused these problems. Adolph Hitler, coming forward with a similar and equally destructive political ideology, mesmerized the populace of Germany into setting up a government which functioned upon the twin pillars of UNITY and EXTERMINATION. Are certain figures becoming popular today in light of the problems we are facing as a nation and world?

When they tell us what they believe will heal the problems in our nation and world today, are they in any way expressing to us the same principles and concepts as the communist and fascist monsters who left a horrible mark on the twentieth century? Do they say the same things regarding individual rights, liberties and private property? Of course we wouldn't know that if we do not know what Nazism or Communism supported before and after their rise to power. Neither Communism nor Nazism performed nor outwardly supported the acts they eventually became infamous for performing while they were making their pleas for power to the people they were to victimize. They were "sweet" before they came to power, but then their true colors became evident only when it was too late to stop them.

THESE DESTRUCTIVE IDEOLOGIES ARE ALWAYS PROMINENT AND ATTRACTIVE ON THE BRINK OF DISASTER, WHEN WHOLE CIVILIZATIONS ARE SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS TO MOUNTING SOCIETAL PROBLEMS. Is communism really dead today? Is it at all possible that its principles are stronger than ever? Interestingly enough, when this great nation came into being, it was established upon two basic principles: Republicanism and PROTESTANTISM. This should give us a clue as to what is taking place and who or what is behind the changes which are now coming fast upon us; for during the Protestant Reformation, the question we are now absorbed with as we are on the brink of disaster was the same absorbing one which produced this great nation: WHO OR WHAT WILL LEAD! WHO HAS THE ANSWERS!!

A typical example of this question in debate is exemplified by the confrontation between Queen Mary of Scotland and the great Reformer, John Knox. Both the Queen of Scotland, representing the Vatican, and John Knox, representing Protestantism, declared that the source of the right decisions came from God s Word: the Bible. The Vatican had always stated that the church was what created and gave the bible to the world, and that the church alone could interpret that word to the people. She only will make the decisions. The issue here was who or what will lead: who will make the right decisions for the civil and religious governance of the people. It requires right decisions to preserve nations in prosperity. WHO WILL MAKE THOSE RIGHT DECISIONS?

Queen Mary said concerning the controversy between the Vatican and Knox: Ye interpret the Scriptures in one manner, and they [the Roman Catholic teachers] interpret in another; whom shall I believe, and who shall be the judge? John Knox responded to the queen with the typical Protestant response: Ye shall believe God, that plainly speaketh in His word. And farther than the word teaches you, ye neither shall believe the one nor the other. The word of god is plain in itself; and if there appear any obscurity in one place, the Holy Ghost, which is never contrary to Himself, explains the same more clearly in other places, so that there can remain no doubt but unto such as remain obstinately ignorant -- David Laing, The Collected Works of John Knox, Vol. 2, pp. 281, 284. Knox was here stating that the decisions for who or what will lead and where the right decisions will come from centered upon each individual; that each individual could find something called TRUTH from the Bible and that this is what will build and preserve society in stability, equity and peace; for if you found out the truth about a particular subject or topic, and I found out the truth about the exact self-same subject or topic, would we disagree with each other? Obviously no.

This was the typical Protestant argument. Each individual will study the bible for himself and this study will enable each one to find THE TRUTH. When that happens then unity will be created. THEY, IN THE PROCESS OF TIME, WILL ALL COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSIONS! Each individual with his own unique and diverse habits, customs, cultures and temperaments will arrive at the same conclusions and ideas which will establish the laws and decisions that will govern the nation. THE PEOPLE WILL LEAD! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THIS WAS THE MISSION OF PROTESTANTISM! It was to free the world from the tyranny of Rome so that all people could discover THE TRUTH from the Bible for themselves, and the basic reason why it was necessary to find the truth was not only to preserve society, but to enable everyone to properly prepare for the coming of the Lord. When truth is found, everyone who finds it becomes "free".

Of course, the Protestant position was a much harder act to follow. In the Vatican position, with one man at the head rendering the decisions over a host of people sworn to obedience and surrender, it is easily understood why there would be unity. One man decides. All the decisions come from one man. If everyone is sworn to surrender his individual opinions to that one man, how can there not be unity and agreement? Yet the Protestant position was that unity could be secured in a most miraculous way--a way which passes all understanding: That bible would be given to everyone translated into his own diverse language, culture, upbringing and situation, and would possess in it definite instruction which all would be then expected to understand and abide to. This book will then bring them to the same conclusions about everything relating to life, morality and politics. The question therefore was, can Protestantism in the process of time fulfill such a seemingly impossible expectation?

The typical response to this from Rome was, "You can't find the truth without us! Only we have the truth! If we just gave you the Bible to do as you please, you will misinterpret it!" Rome said, "Only we can interpret the Scriptures!" The Vatican said, "IF WE GAVE THE BIBLE TO YOU TO INTERPRET THE SCRIPTURES, THERE WOULD BE NOTHING BUT CHAOS AND CONFUSION." Ladies and gentlemen, look around you! What do you see! Do you see chaos and confusion? ROME WAS RIGHT! Isn't this exactly what Rome said would happen if she allowed us to have the freedom to interpret the Bible for ourselves according to the dictates of our consciences? That's exactly what we established this nation to do! To show the miraculous power of the Bible to create unity from each individual going up. LOOK! ROME WAS RIGHT! We established this nation, AND MADE FOOLS OF OURSELVES! ROME WAS RIGHT! But was she?

This nation was around for over 200 years. It passed many years when it was recognized as a stable fortress and a bastion of freedom. It was considered the most secure nation in the world, and there was a time when it was the undisputed superpower of the world. WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE?!! What happened was that certain "changes" began to take place. Haven't you noticed that seemingly all of a sudden we see people of influence and authority coming in and telling us we must have different ideas about everything? Even in church we notice that it has become a terrible burden for members to have all kinds of differing and conflicting ideas. In both church and state the necessity for diversity is all consuming. Often they use the reasoning that to entertain many different and diverse ideas would emit a public demonstration of the value of FREEDOM. It would flaunt the Protestant concept of liberty of conscience.

Those of influence and authority in both church and state therefore urged us to be different and to be diverse in everything--ESPECIALLY IN DOCTRINE AND MORALS which also encompasses political theory and decision making. They often flaunt diversity of races and cultures, but that is not their real target. They merely use diversity of races and cultures as a cover-up in order to appeal to you to accept another kind of diversity which is their real target: diversity over doctrine and morals: What is right and what is wrong. Do not be fooled. The great hype now created in all our trusted media and institutions for racial and cultural diversity is unexplainable outside of a conspiracy. For your information, in the United States of America, racial and cultural diversity was always prevalent, and was never anything new. There was never any big hype about it practically until the late 80s and 90s. Immigration here was always big because it was a nation which provided freedom from oppression.

Just go visit the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, and observe the pictures taken of the people who worked to construct it. You will find that most of them were immigrants. The Brooklyn Bridge was built in the 1880s. Yet with all this hype over racial and cultural diversity, we are given the impression that this is something new. Don't believe it! All this hype over diversity of races and cultures is to bring in another kind of diversity designed to weaken the nations so that they do not realize that a global government which will destroy the sovereignty of every nation besides itself is being established. Many respected authors have noticed the sudden and determined rise of relativism in our literature, our news and information, our entertainment industry, and in the training of our educational institutions. The question therefore is--if you haven't considered it already--why.

Did the Protestant concept of liberty of conscience dictate that everyone must think differently? or that everyone must have the freedom to think for himself IN HIS QUEST FOR TRUTH AND HAPPINESS COMING OUT OF THE WORD? Must everyone make up his own rules? or must everyone bind his ideas to the instruction of the Word established in his individual conscience? Is it true that Protestantism could have proved that indeed the Bible in the hands of the common people itself can provide peace, sure direction, a stable society and unity? Why would anyone have a burden to teach us to think differently or to have different ideas? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THE SECRET TO THE CHANGES TAKING PLACE IN SOCIETY TODAY, THE SECRET TO THE DECLINE OF OUR SOCIETY, THE LOSS OF POWER OF THE CITIZENRY FOR GOVERNANCE AND GOVERNMENT, THE CRIME WHICH TORTURES OUR NATION AND THE FORESEEABLE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES IN A CERTAIN AND VERY COMMON EXPRESSION WE HEAR MOST EVERYDAY. THAT EXPRESSION IS: THE SECRET OF OUR STRENGTH LIES IN OUR DIVERSITY!

--probably one of the biggest lies in the history of the earth! Since the inception of this principle we have seen nothing but trouble! What could be wrong with such an expression you say? Well, the establishers of this nation have long been saying that there was an "enemy" to the nation: an army, so to speak, which is intent on destroying the principles which guide this nation. We today seem to have forgotten this. Do such a people exist today? Who might these people be? The question is, while we are all in diversity and entertain many different and conflicting ideas about everything, could it be possible that this "enemy" army actually does not debate about anything, but is incredibly unified in belief? If there existed two armies of equal weapons and manpower force ready to engage in battle, and one army had soldiers who were incredibly unified and agreed in everything pertaining to the war in every particular, against the other which had all kinds of diverse views, which army would win?

Is it possible that this seeming parable of two armies is an actual expression of what is going on today? Is it possible that there is a secret and unified army among us who effect those whom we elect for public office? Is it possible that while we absent ourselves from voting in protest of the candidates for public office, this invisible army votes and chooses who will lead of its own will? IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THERE IS A SECRET AND UNIFIED ARMY WHICH IS RIGHT NOW BUYING INTO THE STOCK MARKET AND LURING PEOPLE IN THERE, MAKING IT GO UP AND UP AND UP, WITH THE INTENTION OF EVENTUALLY AND SUDDENLY PULLING OUT IN ORDER TO MAKE IT CRASH? NOT ONLY ARE ALL THESE THINGS POSSIBLE, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS ACTUALLY TAKING PLACE IN SOCIETY TODAY!!

"Oh!" you may say: "I don't believe in conspiracy theories! I don't believe in anything that cannot be proved!" Well you've been listening to the "theories" of Evolution all your life. Do you remember one moment in your life when these "theories" were ever proven? Just hear me out for a second. PLEASE LISTEN! You'll be able to see why this DIVERSITY which we are told is the source of our strength is necessary for the changes which are taking place today. The question is, if I wanted the clear answers as to what is the best course to be pursued to ensure the prosperity of this nation, would it help me if I solicited the answers from the general public or the citizens of the United States? Automatically your answer would be no. Why? The answer would be because I would get many different and conflicting answers. The American people would prove to me that they don t know what they re talking about.

The conclusion therefore would be, "WILL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LEAD THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?" The answer is no. WHO THEN WILL LEAD? The answer as to who will lead will fall upon the only other option which exists in society. Which is what? The ones who will lead will be the ones who can be the only beneficiaries of this diversity we are told is the secret of our strength: those in positions of influence and authority. This is because those who occupy positions of influence and authority are supposed to be bound by written rules. What if those written rules can be rendered "interpretable" or can be reinterpreted to mean opposite from what they were originally intended to mean? If the American people are "suckered" into making everything subjective, how can they stop such actions? Can you use the Constitution of the United States to appeal against the changes taking place in government today? Those enforcing the changes say no, and tell you that if you resist the changes or claim that the Constitution is opposed to those changes, you have misinterpreted the Constitution: you merely interpret it differently than other people.

In the DIVERSITY, people can interpret the Constitution many different ways. When that happens, leadership can then enforce the illegal changes with no one able to stop them. This therefore shows us who is going to benefit from the diversity--who are the prime beneficiaries of this diversity we are told is the secret of our strength: those in positions of influence and authority! Ladies and gentlemen: Do yourselves a favor and preserve your dignity! If you live in a society where there are all kinds of different and differing views canceling each other out, will earth shattering political and ideological trends and motions contrary to our established order develop? We admit there is a possibility that trends could already exist if one particular idea had a sizeable majority over the other or others. But new political and ideological trends absolutely cannot develop out of thin air-- certainly not out of a diverse society! Our present system of government would therefore actually be preserved under diversity if it was truly a genuine and beneficial principle.

The interesting fact is however that new political and ideological trends DID develop and are developing. Amazingly, those who resist these trends and changes among those who live in the United States ARE the majority, for a change involves transforming society from what it originally was, therefore naturally starting only with a minority to initiate and develop the changes. Amazingly, this sizeable majority which opposes the changes, IS LOSING! How can this be!! Yet unconscionable changes are also determinedly taking place in the churches AND IN THE SAME WAY, while religious leaders are also hailing the necessity for DIVERSITY. IS THIS REALLY JUST BY ACCIDENT!!

Typically, such religious leaders are pushing rock, jazz and pop music (among others) into the divine services of these ecclesiastical organizations while a very sizeable majority resist these changes and demand justification for them based upon the doctrines and tenets of their respective church bodies. Religious leaders are also determined to push them in, and, in the same way, are also publishing their astonishment that their members would not trust them, while they continue to push the changes and, like political leadership, do the self-same things which caused the distrust. Again, since diverse views prevail in these religious bodies, religious leadership replies to those resisting change, that the Bible and the rules established by their respective churches cannot be used to appeal against the changes, for people have different interpretations of those rules. The only thing therefore left that can be established as definite authority in both church and state IS THE DECISIONS OF THE LEADERS!

AMAZING! ALL THE PRINCIPLES OF OUR SOCIETY REVERSED THROUGH A MOST DECEPTIVE PHILOSOPHY!! It is amazing the field day those in positions of power and influence are having over the people! Therefore, as one purpose we can establish for the diversity, we notice that the voices of those who would warn us or resist the changes would be canceled out. When others stand in the way telling us that nothing is wrong and that there is no conspiracy, then every active idea or impression alerting us to the danger we are in will be canceled out. When others tell us that they don t see anything wrong with the changes taking place, society is left to the mercy of the ruling bodies which pump out the new rules. If you are in a diverse society where all ideas cancel each other out, be alarmed if you still yet notice rules and decrees continuing to pump out of Washington, or from denominational headquarters: YOU ARE UNDER A CONSPIRACY!

You need to remember that our forefathers of this country were constantly warring against despots, who naturally did not believe in individual rights nor the rights of conscience. A problem develops when we as a people do not understand how despots would work now to destroy the rights and liberties we have won. If despots wish now to gain control and to destroy the principles of our nation, what is the best way in which they could accomplish their aims? Would they accomplish their aims if they stand in front of a microphone and tell the American people that they must listen to what is decreed upon them or else? No, no, no! They can attain their object by encouraging the people to debate about everything. That way they present themselves in a totally different light from what they actually are. They pretend to be fair and respectful of the wishes and opinions of the populace, when, in actuality, the opposite is true.

In order to attain their aim, they would have to infiltrate offices of public trust, encourage debate--from which will naturally spring forth treasonous acts and which acts could not be done without the confusion, they would then engineer tremendous crises while all the while encouraging the confusion, and then they must pretend that they have come to their senses and tell the world that diversity actually doesn't work. IT IS TRUE. IN THE NEAR FUTURE, YOU ARE GOING TO ACTUALLY SEE THOSE WHO ENCOURAGE THIS DIVERSITY BUSINESS ABANDON IT. For, from the beginning, the actual purpose for the diversity was to direct us off of the solid and definitive principles which founded this nation, and then to direct us into another set of definitive principles--the principles of that nation and power which our country won its liberties from.

This diversity business will soon come to an end, for those who mastermindingly push it NEVER BELIEVED IN IT nor did they ever really apply such a principle to their conduct. This fact should be plainly obvious to most everyone. We therefore ask: why doesn't Washington cancel each other out also? If there are leaders determining to enforce change, why are there not others who would oppose such changes and therefore stop the motion of the changes? That's what we're trying to tell you! Our leaders are not bound by diversity, and there really is no diversity among them. The answer is because those who are enforcing the changes really do not like nor believe in DIVERSITY. They are not bound to it. For them themselves to accept diversity would be to jeopardize their treacherous aims, for a diverse government would not be enforcing any change! THESE ARE THE ENEMIES OUR FOREFATHERS WARNED US ABOUT!!

Here you see what was the purpose for the confusion--what was the purpose for the DIVERSITY: to cancel out those who would oppose the enforcers of the changes, to allow those in power the ability to step beyond reasonable means and do things they otherwise would not be allowed to do: since everyone is now divided, the common people can never establish a formidable front against wrong principles and ideas pushed by those in authority. As soon as this deceptive philosophy of diversity is accepted among the people, the immediate beneficiaries would be those in positions of power and authority. They will gain power they would otherwise not be entitled to since Protestantism puts the power of man under the documents: the bible and the American Constitution. When diversity is accepted, you should quickly notice those in authority being able to disregard the written instruction of these two God-inspired documents by making them interpretable. This renders the people incapable of checking their actions.

One may think that because both conflicting factions are canceled out--because every idea both good and bad are warring against each other and canceling each other out, there is nothing those fighting for good can do to advance their cause, neither those involved in the conspiracy. NO MOTION WOULD TAKE PLACE. But do not forget the necessary ingredient that would tip the scales in favor of the conspirators: power and authority. That's why those involved in the conspiracy are very political, very fond of power and are seeking and finding it within the conspiracy involving both church and state. Power is very essential to such people because whosoever possesses power while the people are in confusion will ride above the tide of the deceived and confused neutralized multitude and would be able to guide them to wheresoever he wishes.

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is that diversity DOES NOT GUARANTEE MOTION NOR CHANGE. QUITE THE OPPOSITE!: DIVERSITY GUARANTEES STAGNANCY! IT RESISTS AND PREVENTS CHANGE! WHO THEREFORE CAN EXPLAIN WHY OUR DIVERSITY SOCIETY IS IN MOTION? WHO CAN SHOW US WHY WE ARE MOVING RAPIDLY TOWARD A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT AND A ONE WORLD RELIGION WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT and we can't seem to understand why? We can feel ourselves being moved, elevated and levitated, going in a direction we did not plan on and which we seemingly have no control over.

EVERYONE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT GREAT CHANGES ARE TAKING PLACE. Some among us are trying desperately to warn the people that these changes are not haphazard nor natural evolution. These changes are well planned, and if you effectively oppose these plans, make sure your last will and testament has been filed. You will find the answer to why all these changes are taking place when you take one glance at the seats of those in positions of influence and authority. The motion is caused by them, and that is the reason why they labored so hard to press diversity upon you. When you are in confusion, you are canceled out and left subject to the unified views of those who hold position and power. These unified views are, of course, views they well knew you would not tolerate nor accept being that they are totally contrary to the principles which established your nation, which guaranteed your individual liberties, and which your nation has always been committed to defend. They have been very successful in this campaign through infiltration and through canceling out the opposition.

The cry of the conspirator would therefore be: I want to destroy this nation and the free churches within it. In order to do that, I would need to inject wrong principles into them which would weaken and subjugate these entities making them slowly and imperceptibly burn themselves out over time. That way the system would collapse and the need for a one-world government would become an imperative. But when I try to inject those principles, many of the members and citizens would recognize what I am doing and would call attention to the whole body and stop me. What I therefore need to do is to inject diversity into them and have them debating over as many issues as I can. When I succeed in getting many of them to think differently and have many different and conflicting views, then I can put my wrong principles into action.

This time, when any of the minority who study the word realize what I am doing and tell me, "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS NOT RIGHT! STOP!!" to me, all I would have to reply to him is, "THAT'S YOUR OPINION!" For there will always then be others who would not think that what I am doing is wrong.

After society does collapse, you shouldn't be surprised to find that new rules and standards would wind up being very quickly generated after the fall and that the bible will not be that standard. It will be determined by our conspirators, that the bible has proved itself to be an interpretable book, easily twisted at whim by anyone. Therefore the standards which must be accepted will be what existed before the Protestant Reformation. That is: the Pope, the universal creed, the tribunal, the court, the office, the desk, the chair, the elite, the clique, the ID cards, etc.

Which of the two forces in debate before the establishment of this nation: Catholicism vs. Protestantism would therefore be benefited by diversity? What would happen to the force and power of the Bible if everyone approached us with all kinds of different ideas and opinions claiming that they got those ideas from the Bible? Even without the Bible as an example, who would benefit from a citizenry that has many different ideas about what should be done to solve our problems? That's exactly what Rome always said, THAT THE BIBLE IS USELESS IN OUR HANDS, AND THAT WE CANNOT MAKE DECISIONS FOR OURSELVES! They were saying "YOU NEED US!"

Rome saw that the Protestants were about to prove what they were saying. She therefore had to step in by infiltrating every level of our society in order to cause us to debate endlessly so that her argument could be supreme. In such a situation the power of the Bible would be neutralized and the Vatican position would dominate; for then, in all the confusion, we would need someone to give the final word in order to eliminate the confusion, and hopefully to eliminate the problems caused by it. We are now working the Protestant Reformation in reverse, setting the stage and need for a singular voice to guide and direct us out of our problems. That voice will be the Pope's!

Therefore, when this diversity is accepted, you will naturally and automatically witness absurd or illegal rules and practices coming in at its heels. A criminal can now sue a victim if that criminal is hurt by the victim in his efforts to defend himself from injury. If you ever wondered why such absurd situations which would not for a minute confuse the forefathers of our nation can now trip us up, NOW YOU KNOW WHY THEY CAN AND WHY THEY ARE HERE! That's why we can now make unconstitutional rules against terrorism even though terrorism is down and the American people have already shown concern about the over-escalating power of law enforcement, and no one can stop those in authority.

Those in positions of power in church and state can almost now make any rule they want. In order to squelch the backlash, all they have to do is to publish "THE TWO VIEWS" concerning the laws and actions they take so that they can establish the situation as subjective--MERELY A MATTER OF OPINION. In this diversity they can publish the views of those who oppose the action, and then publish the views of those who are for it usually and strategically last. You then cannot stop them. ONLY PEOPLE IN POWER AND INFLUENCE PROFIT FROM THIS DIVERSITY BUSINESS! Those who have mastermindingly put us in diversity are really only pretending to be as confused as we are, and are secretly loyal to the Pope.

Since the bible is neutralized, it is therefore impressed upon us that there are other standards we must use, leading to the ultimate standard to figure out the issues of life. Men must tell us what we must do in the form of authority, people of influence or the community and no one is to allow anyone to appeal to any other authority--not the Constitution of the United States, and especially not the Bible. In this endeavor, people in authority and influence in government, law, banking and economics, police and law enforcement, and even the churches are proving to the American people that despite all their supposed efforts to do the right thing, ONE SINGULAR VOICE IS NECESSARY TO SOLVE ALL OUR PROBLEMS. ONE SINGULAR VOICE AND UNIVERSAL AUTHORITY MUST ULTIMATELY DOMINATE!

Many concerned citizens and organizations lament the fact that even respected and established government and political groups are found contradicting each other, causing grid-lock, and outright don't seem to know what they're doing. These concerned people have seen a Miami police officer pronounced guilty of murder by an esteemed court for shooting a black man riding a motorcycle, to then be pronounced innocent by another esteemed court in a later trial. They see men of esteem and renown continually contradicting each other while the business of preserving our system continues to deteriorate, while all the while the people involved with the responsibility of preserving our system, are constantly hailing the virtue of that philosophy which is crippling the whole system: DIVERSITY.

They tell us this diversity is wonderful! Our people see even the supreme court making decisions and then thinking to reverse them later. Everything points to the need for a singular voice and the elimination of individual rights. ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME! That's what many in these offices of public trust are there to prove! They are there to mess up the system by putting it into endless debate, rehashing and re-evaluating old controversies and contentions which were formerly solved, enacting rules and principles which are designed to destroy the system, etc. The system running into chaos, confusion and collapse does not humiliate nor weaken Rome: it strengthens Rome and guarantees her future domination of the world. That's why Rome thrives on debate, confusion and controversy, and the great debating our nation is currently doing should make any sound-minded person understand that it is under a tremendous barrage of attack from the inside.

THE NATION THAT DEBATES WILL BE OVERCOME BY THE ONE THAT DOES NOT. THE CHURCH THAT DEBATES WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE CHURCH THAT DOES NOT! That's also why those involved in the conspiracy seem to agree that a one-world government is a good thing. If they put even an eighth of the effort into our system they are pushing for this global government, all our problems would be solved! What therefore is the difference between encouraging diverse ideas and interpretations from the Bible and burning bibles which Rome has done for centuries? The answer is that there really would be no difference.

It was for this very reason of confusion why the Protestant Reformation even started. It started because certain Catholics typically among the elite (for the bible was not readily accessible to the common people in those days) discovered that they were not getting accurate spiritual information from the Roman Church by what they had read and experienced in the Scriptures. They then lamented the division and confusion that was evident in various branches and eras of the Roman Church. They then later became Protestants. The Protestants said the following. I am now going to quote from a notable Protestant writer, a William Chillingworth, who in these words testify to the complete mission of Protestantism. This is from his book called The Religion of Protestants which was published in 1866. He said:

The Bible, I say, the Bible only, is the religion of Protestants! I for my part, after a long and (as I verily believe and hope) impartial search of 'the true way to eternal happiness,' do profess plainly that I cannot find any rest for the sole of my foot but upon this rock only. I see plainly and with my own eyes, that there are popes against popes, councils against councils, some fathers against others, the same fathers against themselves, a consent of fathers of one age against a consent of fathers of another age, the church of one age against the church of another age. In a word, there is no sufficient CERTAINTY but of Scripture only for any considering man to build upon. -- William Chillingworth, M.A., The Religion of Protestants, (London 1866), 463.

Notice what they wanted? They wanted CERTAINTY! They wanted clear and definitive information which can be demonstrated by the Scriptures. Do Protestants want certainty today? That s the way Jesus used the Scriptures in His day. He did not tell the conflicting factions of the Jewish Church that they were blessed in their different and confusing theories. Though He lived and taught in a great center of commerce, He did not impress any kind of importance to racial or cultural diversity. He did not impress any kind of recognition nor necessity for all kinds of differing opinions or views. He did not tell them to forget about what is right or true in order to unite in "Love" and "ecumenism". Instead He continually showed both the Pharisees and the Sadducees how much in error they were. He did this with power, with definitiveness and with surety.

THAT IS THE POWER OF THE BIBLE, and IT WAS THAT POWER WHICH PRESERVED OUR LIBERTIES TO THIS DAY. Therefore the typical scenario would be a minority brought in for trial on the charge of heresy by the Roman Catholic Church. They would be asked why they were spreading heresy. They would reply that what they were spreading was not heresy but the TRUTH. They would then state that the Roman Church had apostatized from the truth. Rome would then typically retort, "From your interpretation?"

The idea was, how can a few humble, penniless, uneducated peasants declare that the decisions and interpretations of the educated, affluent and opulent elite of Rome were wrong? The typical question would be, "Are you saying that you're right and everyone else is wrong? How come everybody else doesn't see what you see? ARE YOU SAYING YOU ARE GOING TO LEAD! Are you saying that your views will dominate?" How did the Protestants escape the charge of being "dogmatic" and "selfishly intent on pushing their own self-made half- made views" on everyone else? How did they escape the charge of being "bigoted", dogmatic and egotistical? They escaped by always offering the challenge, "Show me my error from the Scriptures, and I will retract!"

IT WAS THEREFORE SHOWN THAT THROUGH EXAMINATION THE PEOPLE CAN UNDERSTAND THAT THE BIBLE IS DEFINITIVE. It doesn t condone a plethora of opinions in anything neither of a doctrinal, political nor moral nature! The Protestants were saying that the Scriptures were definitive. They were giving authority to the scriptures and taking it off of themselves, thus proving that they were not on any ego trip. They were declaring that the Scriptures were the referee, and that their knowledge of it can be challenged and tested. Here was a strong indicator of the supernatural quality of Protestantism: OF THE BIBLE. Just as seemingly impossible it was for a book falling into the hands of diverse people to produce unity and definitive guidance, so it must have been for humble peasants to defend themselves against the elite and great minds of Rome.

The interesting fact was that those humble peasants were all too often able to confound and defeat the great men of Rome, proving that the Bible was definitive and does give such guidance to anyone. That was why Rome consistently made it a high priority to, as much as possible, make sure that the Protestants never had a chance to speak nor to defend themselves-- especially when honest observers are around, for there was really no such thing as trials in Vatican dogma. Once you were accused by the Vatican, that was it. There was no more to be said in your behalf by anyone else, and especially no more to be said by you. That's why during the days of the inquisitions the Roman Catholic hierarchy pressed upon the people that they were not to listen to what "egotistical" individuals proclaimed from what they conceived to be truth coming from the Bible.

The people of those dark ages were taught to adhere to the decisions of the COMMUNITY: to what society on a whole decreed and decided; and, of course, it was a fact that the ideas the majority of society had held, came from the elite who were controlling them. This political philosophy is called "Collectivism", and it was not only a vital part of Vatican policy, but also an integral part of its offshoots: Socialism, Communism, and Nazism. In the current events with the changes taking place in church and state, it is evident that there is a high priority to make sure that opposing or "dissident" groups or people do not get a chance to speak or to defend themselves when they are condemned for opposing authority--the very authority which is enforcing the changes.

In the new anti-terrorism bill, the Clinton Administration added a provision where they can actually condemn any group which they declare is a terrorist group whether whimsically or otherwise, through secret evidence without allowing the accused to be confronted with the charges or to defend themselves against the charges. Such actions are clearly unconstitutional--CLEARLY DARK AGES GOVERNMENT, and are the very acts which have caused militia and patriot groups to spring up, yet those in authority are absolutely determined that these acts MUST continue--THAT WE MUST GET USED TO ACTS LIKE THESE, while they portray to the public that they just can't understand why anyone would not trust them but would choose to believe in, according to them, "conspiracy theories."

Yet people believing in conspiracies are supposed to be considered the natural results of a diverse society--of that DIVERSITY which they have brought upon us and indoctrinated us to believe is the secret of OUR strength. Diversity would justify people believing in ANYTHING, including that our government and churches are betraying them and trying to rule and control them for the benefit of the New World Order, under their Pope. Instead of this, those who understand the established order of our society and realize that it is being unscrupulously attacked, are labeled "dissidents" by those who tell us they love diversity, and yet this charge is not accompanied by any allowance for people to disagree--is not accompanied by any allowance for DIVERSITY.

In the process, most every meeting those in authority have is not to consider what might be taking place which is causing the protest, distrust and unrest so that a solution can be found, but they meet to figure out how to discredit and to destroy those who are trying to sound the alarm while yet making sure that the activities which caused the distrust continue to the point where the American people get used to them. They don't meet in order to figure out the distrust, BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS CAUSING IT! Still their mission is clear: this free America must fall and give place to the New World Order, which we will find out will be a much more powerful replica of that form of government which our nation won its liberties from: the "Holy" Roman empire. Therefore it is clear that those who push diversity upon us really do not believe in it, but are indeed conspiring against us.

You must understand that a one-world government is a much harder act to perform than maintaining our much smaller system which we call a free America. Yet we see constant gridlock in our system, we see it falling and falling, confused and falling, while this global system has been growing and growing till it is now built behind the backs of the American people and completely out of the democratic process. Did this global system suffer from diversity? Did gridlock prevent it from being built, since we can't seem to maintain this system which has already been built. Our system started from nothing and started to grow and get stronger and stronger, showing that it was based upon strong and sound principles. Why is it falling now? Can you understand therefore why people who, according to them, are "dissidents" protest? You need to know why.

The truth of the matter however is that a dissident is a person who opposes the established order of any authoritative body. What happens when such a person--a dissident or army of dissidents, in their complete hatred of our present system of government insuring liberty for the people--actually acquires public office? Was the United States established to stage peace- keeping missions with the intent to build a one-world global government? How could it! That was the very type of government it won its liberties from!! Was it established to hand its military over to the control of a foreign power (The United Nations)? Are you drunk!! Do you know that throughout 99% of the history of this nation THAT WAS TREASON! Do you know that throughout 99% of the history of this nation, anyone attempting to do such a thing would be committed to corporal punishment!! Why? Such people had to be committed to corporal punishment because historically, if you didn't hang them, they will work situations out politically where they will be enabled to hang you and your children!!

That is exactly what is happening today. Yet our reaction to these things taking place is different now through this "wonderful" diversity. Now if any group declares that to hand our military over to the control of the United Nations is treason, government agencies state that it is, "according to them", or "as they see it", or "in their view", etc. Unlike the total history of this nation, that subject is now a matter of debate! Of course, those who say that we should build a world government are not treated as if they merely expressed their opinions! Now dissidents are supreme and traitors dominate! DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW WHY DIVERSITY IS SO ALL CONSUMINGLY IMPORTANT!! This is called throwing sand in your eyes, and it is not friends who would do such a thing: IT IS ENEMIES!!

Was this nation established to violate or interfere with the sovereignty of other nations? Obviously not. Was it established to have government agencies wiretap the phone lines of the American people? Are you kidding!! Was it established to interconnect economically with the other nations? No there too, among many other examples! Therefore, according to Protestant thinking, those who are demanding the changes are really those who are the dissidents. They are demanding changes which are contrary to constitutional principle and to the established order of the churches. Also remember that during the Protestant Reformation, the Protestants were mostly charged with being anti-government and anti- authority. History is repeating folks! The same thing that is happening in church, is happening in state, therefore implicating a religio-political system behind the changes. All those who are demanding change are dissidents: they obviously do not agree with the established order of this nation nor the churches. They are therefore demanding it to change. Their efforts will guarantee the demise of our present system! Protestantism thinks by the book--by the writings--which can never change. The Vatican always goes by the credentials, the power, the opulent people, the money, the flashing ID cards.


Indeed, that's why President Abraham Lincoln once stated:

. . .it is very certain that if the American people could learn what I know of the fierce hatred of the priests of Rome against our institutions, our schools, our most sacred rights, and our so dearly bought liberties, they would drive them away tomorrow from among us, or they would shoot them as traitors. But you [Father Charles Chiniquy] are the only one to whom I reveal these sad secrets for I know that you learned them before me. The history of these last thousand years tells us that wherever the Church of Rome is not a dagger to pierce the bosom of a free nation, she is a stone to her neck, to paralyze her, and prevent her advance in the ways of civilization, science, intelligence, happiness and liberty. -- President Abraham Lincoln, Fifty Years In The Church of Rome, p. 295.

He also stated:

The cankers are biting the very entrails of the United States today: THE ROMISH AND THE MORMON PRIESTS. Both are equally at work to form a people of the most abject, ignorant and fanatical slaves, who will recognize no other authority but their supreme pontiffs. BOTH ARE AIMING AT THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR SCHOOLS, TO RAISE THEMSELVES UPON OUR RUINS. BOTH SHELTER THEMSELVES UNDER OUR GRAND AND HOLY PRINCIPLES OF LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE, TO DESTROY THAT VERY LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE, AND BIND THE WORLD UNDER THEIR HEAVY AND IGNOMINIOUS YOKE.

The Mormon and the Jesuit priests are equally the uncompromising enemies of our Constitution and our laws; BUT THE MORE DANGEROUS OF THE TWO IS THE JESUIT -- the Romaic priest, FOR HE KNOWS BETTER HOW TO CONCEAL HIS HATRED UNDER THE MASK OF FRIENDSHIP AND PUBLIC GOOD; he is better trained to commit the most cruel and diabolical deeds for the glory of God. The very moment that popery assumed the right to life and death on a citizen of France, Spain, Germany, England, or the United States, it assumed to be the power, the government of France, Spain, England, Germany, and the United States.


President Lincoln also states:

. . .if they (the American people) could hear what Professor Morse has said to me of the plots made in the very city of Rome to destroy this republic, and if they could learn how the priests, the nuns, and the monks, which daily land on our shores under the pretext of preaching their religion, instructing the people in their schools, taking care of the sick in the hospitals, are nothing else but the emissaries of the pope, of Napoleon, and the other despots of Europe, to undermine our institutions, alienate the hearts of our people from our Constitution, and our laws, destroy our schools, and prepare a reign of anarchy here as they have done in Ireland, in Mexico, in Spain, and wherever there are any people who want to be free, etc. -- President Abraham Lincoln, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, p. 296, 297.

If you check into current events, you will notice that there are many groups and citizens concerned about the fact that everything previously itemized by President Lincoln is exactly what is happening to our fair country today. Father Chiniquy, the great personal friend of President Abraham Lincoln, also adds:

I could cite many other facts, proving the church of Rome to be an irreconcilable enemy of the United States; but it would be too long. Rome is a viper, sooner or later that viper will bite and kill this republic. This was foretold by Lafayette, and is now promulgated by the greatest thinkers of our time. . . That great statesman and patriot, Richard W. Thompson, Secretary of the Navy, in his admirable work, The Papacy and the Civil Power, says, "Nothing is plainer than that, if the principles of the Church of Rome prevail here, our Constitution would necessarily fall. The two cannot exist together. They are in open and direct antagonism with the fundamental theory of our government and of all popular government everywhere." -- Father Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, p. 284, 285.

Notice how Abraham Lincoln's day was a day when great thinkers predicted the eventual capitulation of the United States to the Vatican. If you alert people to that infinitely more likely prospect today, agents of the Vatican throughout our entire society will call you "paranoid" and would suggest that you celebrate something so that you do not become alarmed and then think to stop what is about to take place. If Catholics ever gain a sufficient numerical majority in this country, religious freedom is at an end. So our enemies say, SO WE BELIEVE" (The Shepherd of the Valley, official journal of the Bishop of St Louis, Nov. 23, 1851). No man has a right to choose his religion. -- (New York Freeman, official journal of Bishops Hughes, Jan. 26, 1852).

The church . . . does not, and cannot accept, or in any degree favor, liberty in the Protestant sense of liberty. -- (Catholic World, April, 1870.) Protestantism has not, and never can have, any right where Catholicity has triumphed. -- (Catholic Review, June, 1875)

Religious Liberty is merely endured UNTIL THE OPPOSITE CAN BE CARRIED INTO EFFECT WITHOUT PERIL TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. -- (Rt. Rev. O'Connor, Bishop of Pittsburgh.)

The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience are a most pestilential error--a pest, of all others, most to be dreaded in a state. -- Encyclical Letter of Pope Pius IX, August 15, 1854.

There is, ere long, to be a state religion in this country, and that state religion is to be the Roman Catholic. . . The Roman Catholic is to wield his vote for the purpose of securing Catholic ascendancy in this country. -- (Father Hecker, Catholic World, July, 1870.)

If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the Catholic clergy. -- Lafayette

You ask if the Pope were lord over this land and you were in a minority, what he would do to you? That, we say, would entirely depend on circumstances. If it would benefit the cause of Catholicism, he would tolerate you: if expedient, he would imprison, banish you, probably he might even hang you. But be assured of one thing, he would never tolerate you for the sake of your glorious principles of Civil and religious liberty. -- (Rambler, one of the most prominent Catholic papers of England, Sept., 1851.)

There are at least two contemporary Roman Catholic books which reveal that Rome is behind the changes, and has been working to establish the impending New World Order. The book The People of God (The Struggle for World Catholicism), by Penny Lernoux, and the book, The Keys of His Blood, by the world renowned author who was a Jesuit, Malachi Martin, reveal the workings and intentions of the Vatican in light of the impending and well planned collapse of our present system. In this book we are told that everyone will have to submit to this new government or become extinct. Malachi Martin was given a medal by the Vatican for the publication of his book.

It is therefore apparent that Rome has not changed a bit. She is still in a "Holy war" against the free world. She still has a thirst for blood and still appears to be versed in EXTERMINATION. She is still working to "repair the breach": to repair that "breach" which was made when Protestantism walked from her gates free and brought technological advancement in her train.

If you would like more information, please write to: ETERNAL GOSPEL CHURCH P.O. Box 15138 West Palm Beach, FL 33416 (561) 688-2150

Understand therefore that diversity is not the secret of our strength. When you hear those in authority saying that "it is the secret of OUR strength", don't believe them. It is the secret of THEIR strength; for this diversity is responsible for every ill in society today--even for the crime that exists in our society through confusing the distinction between right and wrong. It is responsible for preventing true revivals among the churches by disabling churches from confessing and repenting of their sins, since each member has different assessments of what is right and wrong. The recent forced movements of the Charismatic Renewal upon all the churches regardless of their diversity--whether or not they like it--is proof again of the falsity and treachery of the concept, and of the fact that those who push this diversity have sense enough not to be bound by its claims, else they would not be bowling over those who disagree with the new movements.

There are many good and beautiful people in government, just the same as there are in the Roman Catholic Church including Roman Catholic priests. Even our Vatican insiders who, at the peril of their lives, have revealed what is going on behind the scenes have informed us that most Catholics do not know what is about to take place, nor what the Vatican is doing. We ourselves have relatives who are Catholic who love us just as much as we love them. This nation was established as a Protestant nation, meaning that it was established only through a miracle. With Protestants so few in number, for ages resorting to taking cover in secluded dens and caves in order to escape death, how were they able to establish such a feat as the erection of this great nation? This nation was not established by just a few people running for their lives.

More and more people, who happened to be Catholics, were won over to the Protestant view of things. It started with very few and then mushroomed. All of them were formerly Catholics. This means that they were won over THROUGH LOVE, NOT HATE! All those Protestants continually denounced Rome, but obviously did not denounce the Catholic people. Protestantism is and has always been by nature anti-Catholicism, but NEVER anti-catholic. It was a different story with Catholicism! When the Vatican had power, she used all her energies both to destroy the Protestant doctrines as well as the people who held them. Historically, whenever she recovered power that was taken from her, THERE WAS ALWAYS A HOLOCAUST OR MASSACRE!

It is the principles of those same people who denounced Rome which you now enjoy in the United States of America and which are being attacked and destroyed. Anti-protestantism is far more prevalent today than is "anti-Catholicism", for even professed Protestants, either through their training or through design, are by principle attacking Protestantism. We also recognize that some of the greatest champions of freedom in just the near future, struggling to maintain that system which guaranteed freedom and equity for so long will be Catholics.

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