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Federal workers are in a credit card
spending frenzy (and you're paying)

WASHINGTON, DC -- Bad news for American taxpayers: Thousands of
government employees have been going on credit-card shopping sprees,
buying everything from pornography and vacations to jewelry and pet
supplies -- and sending you the bill.

"Who says government workers don't get any credit?" said Libertarian
Party National Director Steve Dasbach. "Unfortunately, they get plenty
of it -- and they're sending us their credit card bills.

"New revelations about the growing abuse of government credit cards
proves there may be nothing more frightening than federal workers with
the power to say, 'Charge it!' "

Last week, the General Accounting Office in Washington, DC acknowledged
there had been a "significant breakdown" in monitoring the abuse of
credit cards by federal employees.

The problem is especially significant, said the GAO, because federal
employees are carrying more than 3.1 million government-issued charge
cards -- and are using them to spend up to $19 billion a year.

The cards, designed to give federal employees more flexibility when
making official purchases, have been used for a staggering array of
personal expenses, according to the GAO and other government watchdog
groups. Examples include:

* Pornographic materials, purchased over the Internet by credit-card
wielding Education Department employees. The department's chief
inspector, Lorraine Lewis, also admitted that employees had used the
cards to buy personal computers.

* Tickets to a Broadway show by an employee at the Department of

* Family vacations, charged by employees of the Corporation for
National and Community Service. One worker racked up $22,442 in bills
for family fun.

* Eyeglasses, jewelry, and pet supplies.

* An astonishing $500,000 in "personal" expenses by one employee in the
U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles.

And even when the charges are for legitimate government use,
bureaucrats appear to have a growing problem with actually paying their
bills: At the Pentagon alone, 40,000 federal employees have defaulted
on more than $53 million in travel charges.

If those examples aren't shocking enough, the problem may get even
worse in the future: Charges on government credit cards have increased
28% since 1999 -- and are growing every year, according to the GAO.

Even more worrisome: Fifteen federal agencies now have more than one
card per employee, according to the GOA, and security for the cards
seems to be extremely lax. For example:

* Two agencies -- the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the
Securities and Exchange Commission -- each have more than twice as many
credit cards as employees.

* Even former employees at the Internal Revenue Service have access to
credit cards, according to the Treasury Inspector General.

* Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel hold a whopping 1.6 million
credit cards; while the Agriculture Department has 157,752 and the
Transportation Department has 119,465.

Given all these problems, it's past time to take these credit cards out
of the hands of financially out-of-control federal workers, said

"We need to cut up these government credit cards and put an end to
these plastic-fueled shopping sprees by federal spendthrifts -- before
taxpayers wind up in the poorhouse," he said.

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For release: September 11, 2002
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Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has moral obligation
to pardon every drug offender, Libertarians say

WASHINGTON, DC -- Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has a moral obligation to
pardon every nonviolent drug offender, Libertarians say, after
insisting on Tuesday that his daughter's latest drug episode should be
treated as a "family matter" rather than as a criminal matter. 

"Why is Noelle Bush sitting in a rehab center while other drug-law
violators are rotting in prison?" asked Ron Crickenberger, Libertarian
Party political director. "The answer is obvious: Because her father
happens to be a hypocritical governor who believes in one standard of
justice for his family and another standard for yours."

Police were called to the Center for Drug Free Living on Monday after
employees reported finding a "white, rocklike substance" believed to
be crack cocaine in Noelle Bush's shoe. The 25-year-old daughter of the
Republican governor wasn't immediately arrested, police say, because
clinic supervisors refused to cooperate with police and wanted the
matter handled "in house."

Gov. Bush, whose daughter has had previous drug violations, told the
Associated Press: "This is a private issue as it relates to my
daughter and myself and my wife. The road to recovery is a rocky one
for a lot of people that have this kind of problem."

But the question Libertarians are asking is: Why shouldn't every
American get the Noelle Bush treatment?

"Gov. Bush is exactly right that drug abuse should be treated as a
private, medical problem rather than as a criminal problem,"
Crickenberger said. "Unfortunately, Bush is an ardent drug warrior who
believes in throwing ordinary individuals in jail for committing the
same 'crime' as his daughter which makes him a despicable Drug War
hypocrite as well.

"Why does Bush believe that other young men and women should be locked
inside steel cages for years for doing exactly what his daughter has

"Why should other Americans have their lives ruined and their careers
destroyed by a drug conviction while he hands his daughter a get-out-
of-jail-free card?

"And why must other families be torn apart when a loved one is dragged
off to prison while he visits his daughter in a cozy rehab center?

"The fact is that individuals with drug problems harm only themselves,
and perhaps their families. But a politician with a hypocrisy problem
has the power to tear everyone's family apart."

But there's a way that the governor can redeem himself, Libertarians

"Gov. Bush should grant every nonviolent drug offender in the Florida
state prison system a full and immediate pardon," Crickenberger said.
"Then let them join his daughter on the road to recovery."
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