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Since I've had this site up and running, I have received several requests about where to buy or how to get "The Two Witnesses/The Holy-Gram Of Biblical Physics." I have hesitated putting this information on my page, because my intent here was not to push the book, but to relate similar writings relative to the subjects of it, then if interested they could get or order it from their local book store.

If your book store does not have a copy on hand, and if you don't want to wait for them to order it for you, you may order it direct from the publisher.

It is a toll - free number: 1-800-645-9199 - ask for operator D-7 to receive information.

ISBN: 1-882330-29-3

For my dear friends in the UK, I was told, all you have to do is order it

from your book store. If there is a problem, would you be kind enough to let me know?

I cannot list price information on personal pages. But you can receive that information by calling the 1-800 number, or you may go HERE.  (here?) And here. As of 1972 my other book, "Come Out Of Her My People," is no longer in print. However, I have put it online as of 2-19-97.

It can be accessed HERE . - NOTE- The first half of the booklet I did not put on line because it was news paper and magazine articles relating to what I was writing about. there were a lot of pictures.

I sincerely want to thank all of you for your inquiries. Information on "The Two Witness" is listed below.

About the "Two Witnesses"

NOTE: I put these questions here not to judge,

for I hope never to do that, but to awaken a certain

curiosity within you, so you can become "free" to think

on your own, without influence from me or anyone, living or dead.


If the Hebrew people of the mid-east are

not the "real Jews" of the Bible; who is?
or here:

Who, and what are the "real anti-Christ?"

Where are they now, and what are they doing?

Why did Paul call the religious system a theater?

Why did Paul say; "the truth of God has more abounded

through my lie?"; meaning his writings.

Why doesn't the Christian Community recognize Christ "in women?"

Why are women not permitted to speak - in their churches - pertaining to

the things of God?

Why didn't John the Baptist go to heaven?

If the "scripture" has concluded "ALL" under sin;

then who is under the scripture?

If "the law" is the "strength" of "sin;"

then who is a sinner?

It is said: "If God be for you, who can be against you?"

It is also said: "He spared not his own Son".

What does the "tower of Babel" really stand for?

And when will it be destroyed?

Does God really prefer shepherd's over farmers?

Or lamb chops to vegetables?

What could the words "man" and "woman" represent

if it were not referring to humans?

Is it true, "according to karma," that - the "gay community"

were priests or preachers that hold the "truth of God in unrighteousness?"

How does the Bible explain the creation of the universe scientifically?

Did these "stories" in the Bible ever "physically" happen? And if

they didn't, what do they represent?

Why is the Bible no different than any other ancient writings?

How does the Bible reveal the same things that some

physicist are finding in their quantum - mechanics, unified field theory etc.?

What is the "pattern that connects all things?"

Is it true that the "trinity" could mean, "one way" of explaining "the two,"

or "two ways" of explaining "the one?" Which one of these are the human species?

The Bible says "there is not one jot nor tittle out of place,"

everything is the way it should be. If this is true, can the inevitable be changed?

These, and other questions, many have probably never

considered, can be answered, if you can grasp the study procedures

laid out in this book.


The Holy-Gram Of>Biblical Physics

(science & religion)

After many years of biblical research I've found the teachings are totally "backward" from the way I was taught to interpret them. My dad was a minister, so obviously, I was raised to believe the scriptures traditionally, the way they have been taught for thousands of years. During the mental and spiritual transition I was encountering by revelation, I kept noticing how other ancient writings were saying the same thing, and this, without contradiction.

After studying the apocrypha, the Gnostics, Sanskrit, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Koran, the Torah, the (Q)Kabbala, Hermes Trismegistus, the Mayan's PoPol Vuh, the Tibetan and Egyptian Book Of The Dead, the Nag Hammadi Library, the Hebrew - Egyptian Mystery in The Source Of Measures, The Life Of Pythagoras, the Cosmic Code, all of Paul Davies works, Fred Alan Wolf, The Great Pyramid Decoded, The Center Of Life (biology); and numerous more; I realized it doesn't take a genius or learned Guru to grasp the simplicity for converting allegories, symbolisms, parables, metaphors or paradox.

Out side of the Bible, these books were "witnesses" to the biblical revelations I had already received, and I could understand what they were saying, "because of the Bible." It will not give you all the "technical knowledge" of these works, but it will give you the "interpretive understanding" of what they are saying in a universal language, as a whole, without contradiction.
How to put what I understand in "words," has been most difficult because of "the words," so I wrote in such a way the reader could get for themselves the keys for interpretation the way they were revealed to me.

I first wrote the book in the fashion I'm writing "Embracing The Contradiction;" friends that read it said it was too much like a text-book and that maybe I should try to weave a novel into it for those who were afraid to read anything "but the Bible." Well, not having many skills as a writer in the first place, this seemed like an impossible task. In my heart I knew this message must be shared as soon as possible, and after two years of rewrite I finished it best I could.

For those truly seeking the why's and how's of creation, will have the esoteric keys for converting the Bible and all ancient writings, without contradiction.



Thank you,