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    Like the rest of this site, I work with metaphor, allegory, paradox, symbolism, parable, word imagery and esoteric epistemology. The story of Mary, The Mother Of God (a.k.a., Jesus), is a beautiful way of showing how the Son Of God 
is born in those who search diligently for him and hungers and thirsts after divine righteousness. The story of Jesus is our story. It is the story about our trek, as a species, or soul or spirit, from the beginning of our cognitive conception, to the Omega. It is the cosmological story of Adam and Eve. In order to examine this "Story" esoterically, we will look at the word "God" and "Jesus", as the Father and the Son of Knowledge or Logos [See excerpt here]. I will bring in some scripture to build the invisible picture of what I would like to convey to the imagination. First, I will add a few lines of Philo Of Alexandria as to show a similar perspective to what I endeavor to explain about the Logos: 

    "The world is the work of deity. Being incorporeal and eternal, God cannot have any direct contact with matter [a.k.a. image/ry] in any form. God's wisdom constitutes the divine operation [OEM] which creates and pervades the universe. This wisdom is the Logos, the activity of deity and the seat of divine ideas. The Logos manifests in the world as divine reason revealing itself. As divine potency, it is the first-begotten of God, neither eternal nor born like other creatures, while as the manifest activity of God it is the son of God's wisdom (sophia). Within the Logos and as differentiations of it are all ideas, the essences of things, and thus the Logos is the Idea of ideas, the most universal entity, transcended only by deity. The Logos is both the agency through which God gives rise to the world and the representation of the world before God. In this dual function as divine potency and mirror, the Logos is the Paraclete for the world.

    If God alone is eternal, then there must be two creations, each of which can be subdivided into ontological phases. The sempiternal Logos is the Wisdom of God and therefore might be called the Divine Mind (nous). As pure potentiality, the ideas destined to become the essences of the manifest universe pre-exist as the thoughts of God" (for the full text click here). For more on "God" see these sites: Embracing The Contradiction and whatsgod.html and Here is a cosmic explanation.

    After reading the above, with the links, we can now look at the Creator as an invisible or spiritual principle that resides within each of us on one level or another, i.e. "The kingdom of God is within you", as 'without'. And, "Know ye not, that ye are gods?" Keep this in mind and we can begin to see how the allegories and metaphor etc., play their part in unveiling the operation of energy (OEM) in word imagery a.k.a., matter. See this reference;

    With all the above in mind, let's consider the scripture Matthew 12:50, where it reads: "For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven [i.e., omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient  & Logo], the same is my brother, and sister, and mother /Mary". And Mark 3: 33-35, "...Who is my mother/Mary, or my brethren?....Behold my mother/Mary and my brethren!....For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother - Mary".

    Luke 8:21, "....My mother/Mary, and my brethren are these which hear the word of God [Logos] and do it". 
Let's also add Jesus' name to this list. Revelation 19:13 reads, "And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God". Ephesians 6:17, "And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword [word] of the Spirit, which IS the word of God....".  Which also means the Son of The Logos. The kingdom of God (knowledge) is within us, i.e., words. By assimilating the esoteric aspects of all the above into the metaphoric principle, we can readily see it is not referring to the human aspect and most assuredly guarantees us it is of a mental spiritual transformation, or birth, making us one with the creator - invisible God- spiritual, or divine wisdom. 

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God (within) and all of its righteousness...". This implies, or suggests there is also unrighteousness and indeed, true, especially if we remember how scripture shows the duality of themselves. That is, when we read the scriptures we are going to be confronted with the literal interpretation and much contradiction, and the Spiritual, which is hidden inside the visible or literal message. One of the scriptures tells us we have to rightly divide the word of truth... Another; God says "I kill and I make alive..." "I wound and I heal..." "The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life...". It is the literal interpretation that is unrighteous and transgresses the spiritual law; Romans 7:14. The point is, the works are two-fold, and on the surface, contradictory. If you have followed my works in these pages you should have a good idea of the duality of scripture.

    Contradictions represent the "waters of confusion" as in Revelation 17:1,15, and are referred to as the baptism of "water". The "first" of the two baptisms. Water and spirit. Born of water and born of the spirit. You must be born of the literal interpretation which is of the Law or the Father Logo - Word = the voice of many waters, and then of the spirit, which means the esoteric understanding or invisible principle. But we first have to have been born of the emotional factor of the water. This is called the Old Testament,  the law, the Sinful Flesh. And without having overcome the law, we can't receive the spirit. So they both lie in necessity. First, the water, and then the Spirit.

    First, "born (of the literal scripture) in sin, which is death, and shaped in iniquity...", and then, go straightway speaking lies (the lies Paul said he had to write; i.e., the very thing he hated he did etc., Romans 3:7, Psalms 58:3), which is the law, and is the strength of sin (i.e., error - 1st. Corinthians 15:56). When we have sought and searched the scriptures for truth and understanding and find nothing but what seems to be unrighteousness, insofar as, how can God do such and such a thing? Or, I couldn't even do that to my child, or for that matter, to anyone, even an animal etc.. There is always the tendency to just give up all together (Galatians; 3:1).To be bewitched is to fall under the spell of the law/letter. Most all atheist have been to that point but they give up and don't search further (these - atheist- are the Gentiles of scripture and their "Time" is about to be fulfilled. See, Luke, 21:24).  Too many contradictions too much confusion and too much cruelty etc.. Most explanations, for the way the scriptures are written, place the difficulties on the writers, proclaiming they were only human and made many mistakes, and it is also voiced that they  added their own opinions. Well, this is what the original writers of the scriptures intended to do, purposely; that is to say, on the surface, or in the literal sense, because of the use of metaphor, allegory, parable, symbolism, paradox etc.. The truth has been hidden in plain sight. 

    The points I have made should depict the "opposite", traditional way of understanding the "Immaculate Conception". Opposite, that is, from the literal translation we have been encouraged, through blind faith, to believe . Hebrews 4:12 says the scriptures are written in such a way it will feed any and all intents and desires for researching them, and declares it makes no mistakes. So, for whatever reason one decides to study, scriptures have within them the ability to discern their motives, and allows the reader to believe such. Now if the intent and desires are pure and sincere, there is an understanding that is totally "backward" (my people have gone away backward...) from the traditional literal beliefs of orthodoxy.

      When a sincere diligent person with pure intent and motive for studying the scriptures finds themselves rebellious, bitter and obstinate against the "unrighteousness of scripture" they have inadvertently cast the seed of righteousness into the womb of their consciousness Mary.  The word Mary, from the Hebrew, means, "Bitterness", "Obstinate" and "Rebellious" and Joseph, the "Increaser". This is where, "Be ye angry and sin not" fits well. And ONLY in that frame of mind, or attitude, can the immaculate conception take place, i.e., the son of knowledge/God/Word, be conceived (see: cont2.conception). For, it is out of pure righteousness and hate (anger) because of the the "Lie" (Romans 3:7. which also creates Atheist) that this "mind of Christ" or the Spiritual-mind can be born. And from this point further, Christ (spiritual enlightenment) is formed within us, "here a little and there a little; line upon line (layer/level upon layer/level), precept upon precept - "In continuance is it fashioned", etc.. (sic)"

        In order to see how Mary is a virgin in all this, we should explore what the word Man represents and how it is used in scripture, for that matter, in all religious scripture. I will place a paragraph from the first page where I have already introduced thoughts, throughout the page, about the word man. Here's the excerpt:

       "There are a couple of scriptures about man, and Jesus in the flesh, that might help explain the difference between the two. Considering first, what the word man represents. It is used in all scripture, and is for the most part, traditionally understood to mean human. The word flesh also falls into that category. The following verses should show how they are meant to be interpreted esoterically or spiritually. 1st. Corinthians, 3:1-3; "And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal; even as unto babes in spiritual understanding....I have fed you with milk, and not with meat [by way of the epistles; meaning he had to write them symbolically]: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able....For ye are yet carnal; for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions [contradictions], are ye not carnal, and walk as men?" To be carnal then, is to be like man, or men. "For to be carnally-minded is death ; and to be spiritually-minded is life and peace....Because the carnal mind wars against the Word of truth: for it is not subject to the law of spiritual learning [word of truth], neither indeed can be (Romans, 8: 6,7)." In other words, the carnal mind can only see the image of the Word, and not the invisible, or spirit. This is why men have so many doctrines of the same scriptures. If the world could not contain the books that should be written about the subject of "Christ," imagine the diversities that could evolve from them if taken literally...?" End excerpt.

    Now, when we look at the word Mary, as an attitude, i.e., one that has not lain with "Man" we can perceive an entirely different interpretation of the story. Let's look at it something like this; One starts off looking for truth only to find confusion and what, at the least, must be the most egotistical and vengeful  god one could imagine (especially against women). The book(s) are laden with contradictions of "Gods love" and "Gods hate". Taking the scriptures literally, how could any loving entity, God or human, do these kind of tests (like Job for one), etc., on their children? I couldn't do it to mine. Does that make me more righteous than God?  That's The negative "unrighteousness" of the scripture and is a great clue for us to redirect our view and find the way to apply it in righteousness without any contradiction. I have only found one way to do that and that is to regard them all as metaphor wrapped in allegory, paradox, parable, symbolism etc.. Here (below) is a small excerpt from a page on my site giving a little more detail (Embracing The Contradiction  - last paragraph): Excerpt, below;

    "After reading the information I have written to this entire site about contradictions and how they are intrinsically a creative driving force - dynamically evolving - evolution itself; physical, mental and spiritual, I feel, by using the methods suggested, the reader can easily see a pattern. Now consider "personifying" these characteristics of the operation of energy in matter (OEM), and visualizing them into images; images are better than thousands of words. Give these images names such as John, for what he would represent, and Mary, for what she would represent, and of course, throw in some historical places for reflection and so on - all under the lineage of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve, being the male and female faculty of the human mind (Genesis 5:1,2, and that's another story - HERE - 1 Timothy 2:15 where the stage is present and future tense) then weave all these places, names and images into stories, and then into metaphorical stories wrapped in a paradoxical allegory and present it as a parable and behold!, you have scriptureScripture, when seen esoterically, is nothing more than an explanation, in scientific format, of the creation of all things - without contradiction". 

    The Immaculate Conception, then - is an individual mental conception and transformation (birth - "until Christ be formed within you") into the spiritual, mystical, Christ-mind. And this is accomplished through tried and tested righteous questioning, despising the contradictions (shame) of scripture, see Hebrews 12:2,3; cross, meaning contradiction. The mind can now be taught, through inspiration of the Christ, or Anointing, to convert the literal interpretation into the spiritual, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. Thus, the "Sons Of God" are many members in particular making up the organization of enlightened minds attuned to "Cosmic Consciousness" (a.k.a., the mind of God - Lamb's Book Of Life - Akashic Records - NOOSPHERE), which is constructed of the ones who do the will of the Father, i.e., the ones that represent "Mary, their Mother".

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