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nother way of understanding how the "light" is in the Word and is the Word  (meaning they are both one), is in first John 1:1, 2, 5; "THAT -- which was from the beginning, which the brethren have heard, which we have seen with our spiritual mind, which we have looked upon, and our thoughts have comprehended the hidden life;....For the life was manifested from the Word, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifest unto us;....This then is the revelation from the Word which we have heard of him, and declare unto  you, that the Word is light, and in Him is no confusion or darkness at all (Revelation 19:12,13)."

    In other words, once the scriptures are seen spiritually, there is no more contradiction, confusion or darkness; the law is become light, i.e. fulfilled. Psalms 139;12 states; "Yea the darkness hideth not from thee; but the lie shineth as the truth: the darkness and the light are both alike to the enlightened; they "both" came into being and were brought up (implying God had a beginning) "together" - Proverbs 8:30; Daniel 2:22; John 1:1-5; 1st. John 1:1,2.  There again, once you have spiritual understanding of the writings, you do not see the image, or story line anymore (2 Corinthians 5:16), you see only the universal interpretation which are the same laws that pervade all things. Just as light exposes images in a darkened room, so it does with scripture - with scripture being the darkened room and the stories in it, are the images (things that are made - Romans 1:20 See all of page #2).  There are many, many, more scriptures that substantiate this interpretation, and if you are that familiar with them, they might have come to mind when you read about "Paul's lie" for one.  And in this order: Romans 3:7. Second Corinthians and all of chapter three. First Corinthians, and all of chapter three. Here you will find they are simply saying "the scriptures are a two edged [s]word" same as the Schrdinger's cat theory1 Timothy 5:6; "But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth."


    What I've been saying, or trying to say, in what I've written is; it is my view that in the Bible there are hidden esoteric, etymological and epistemological weavings of,  metaphor, parable – symbolism – paradox - allegory, typology, etc, which present themselves as a spherical cocoon guarding and protecting the way of understanding creation, i.e.., how it began and how it works. Pertaining to this, I have discovered some very interesting revelations, which I feel will ring true to most theoretical scientists/physicist and metaphysicians, and perhaps some others.  These revelations also explain how some symbols that today are known worldwide, came into existence with their respective myths. Truth to me is a scientific and spiritual  explanation of the operation of energy in matter (oem) without controversial complexities. "Oem" is pronounced as the ohm or Aum that is used for chanting, in eastern religions. Here is another explanation for the word.

    Without going into much detail, I will start with an overview of creation and its beginnings - as I understand it.  “Before the beginning, there was nothing”, or no-thing.  Imagine for a moment that there is nothing in existence but your mind and a vast infinitude of total blackness - anti-matter - no'thing'. Research into the Bible regarding the boundless or immeasurable infinitude of this nothing has shown me that, by occasion and out of necessity an heaviness evolved, or differentiated from the nothing (God, in the making i.e, Isaiah 43:10; "Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me." So, when it reads, "BEFORE ME THERE WAS NO GOD", it's simply saying He had a 'beginning'. Because, before Him there was NOTHING. Strongly suggesting that, the creator and the created are self begotten and are 'one').  This heaviness is also referred to as a tiny chamber, or a monad of infinite subatomic proportion.  This differentiation was the beginning of something measurable – matter. The symbol commonly known in astronomy, as well as in many Eastern philosophies that depicts this particular cycle of evolution, is a circle (representing a sphere)  with a dot (flat disc) in the center .  

Through innumerable eons, the gravitational movement of this aforementioned tiny chamber leaves in its wake, a 'vacuum' which propelled it even faster (through this anti-matter) as it began to heat around its perimeter. This heat created and embedded this tiny dot with positive and negative energies, thereby expanding the dot into the symbol known as ’Yin & Yang’ .  As we can now see, ancient symbology provides a witness to, or verification of this action.  As time would have it, this cylindrical disc, also known (in scripture) as a 'rolling cloud' or ’folding ring’, became overbalanced and folded in on itself (as shown by the ancient mathematical symbol for infinity = ), and at the point of contact, arked and heaved up what is biblically referred to as the “firmament" of which the Hebrew word is "Raqia" and means expansion and = heaven (Genesis 1:8), or the expanding universe.  This ark is also referred to as the 'Ark' of the Covenant (or metaphysically the two covenants of Galatians 4:22-24) because, at the instant of contact, there was an Ark of immeasurable magnitude and at this point duality (positive and negative) was established. There again, symbols were recorded to witness and remind us of the oral explanation and to verify the sequence in which these events occurred.  

    Up to this point (above), there is still no intelligent creator-or an 'individuated' entity.  All creating is accomplished by the heaved up chaos of matter banging into and bouncing off itself creating invisible equations of multiplicity, division, subtraction, repulsion, addition, attraction, electro-magnetic fields etc.   The Big Bang is actually a very descriptive name for it!

    As chaos reigned, some semblance of order was being established in certain sectors of the universe.  According to scientific records, the primordial evolution process began. At this stage of evolution, the energies and the operation of these energies are communicating by allowing and disallowing certain arrangements of order and disorder, almost as if the universe did have a mind of its own. Also see: Is DNA hyper-communication a native internet?

    Underlying these actions is the (gravitational) attraction to return to the point of light which is in direct opposition to its heaved out projection from the 'Arc' of the 'Bang'.  All things that grow from the earth are drawn toward the light – sun.  Metaphysically, our inherent universal construction is programmed to do the same.  “…Everything returns to its creator...” The creator and the created are essentially and subsequently from the same necessity. We are drawn by the light and pulled by the gravity. The proverbial "tug of war" (The "spiritual understanding" of the scriptures draw us to study them but the literal interpretation hold us back or weigh us "down" by fear so that it takes great conviction to understand them spiritually (see: The Serpent Protector). I.e. the flesh warring against the spirit. The word "warring", here, connotes the dynamics of "contradiction"; i.e. competing or conflicting forces. Metaphor, allegory, parable etc. are kindred). 

    The invisible energies of all these actions are creating their own individual universal habitats. They also cohabitate by means of their own thermodynamic integrating interactions; or you could say, the act of absolute universal pre-cognitive intercourse. As hypothesized here. This bears witness to the verbal symbols known today as the Akashic Records and the Lamb’s Book Of Life because they depict this 'remembering or recording' process that fuels and turns the wheel of the law of reciprocity.  Every thought and action is recorded in and of itself onto itself on every atom in the universe. Therefore, the All Knowing God - knowledge being created (Lamb's Book..., Akashic Records). And of course, Cosmic Consciousness or the Noosphere. And here..

    Hence, the knowledge of everything in the universe can be accessed with the appropriate understanding (mindset), especially when we understand that we are, in fact, manifested energy from the very source we are observing. In addition, we ourselves (in the purest sense) are transceivers of this recorded information; it is communicated when our deepest thoughts and feelings resonate with the associated energy frequency patterns, such as transceiving reciprocity. "I am a personified construct of the eternal experience of the characteristics of the operation of energy in matter".  Romans 1:20 bears witness to this observation, understanding of course that, “The Mind Of God” is in fact the universal Operation of Energy in Matter (OEM) i.e.  the Macro-Mind - which is called "Above" and the Micro-Mind in all of us which is called "Below". See this article. And this one.

    A process for communicating with this storehouse of information has been referred to as channeling, telepathy, clairvoyance, sixth sense, a knowing, etc.  The ability to exchange information with these records has been somewhat attributed to, among others, the renowned psychic, Edgar Cayce.  To have these complete abilities - now, in all possible righteousness, one would be regarded as having the mind of Christ or having reached cosmic consciousness, etc. All prophecies suggest we have lost the understanding of this process, i.e., “a falling away from God = knowledge = words = understanding” and so-forth. And is written: "My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge".

    In order for all this to appear somewhat logical, an explanation of whom, what and where God is in this beginning, should be brought forth.  To do this I will add an excerpt from my book “The Two Witness/The Holy-Gram Of Biblical Physics”, Magni Group Inc. 1997.  I will start with the word – beginning, and then God.


    "In the 'dictionary'; under Beginning: Starting or commencing; the time or place of starting; Birth; Origin; Source; The first part; Begin; To come into being; Originate; Setting into motion some action: [Big Bang?] Process of - course; Leaving a point of departure [Big Bang]; a beginner; a person or thing, just beginning to do something. Hence, inexperienced, unskilled or, no order. [heaved up chaos].

    In The Hebrew Lexicon of Young's Analytical Concordance, the word 'beginning' means (Az) 'Fierce; Mighty; Strong; Power; Heat; be heated; Hot'. Another Hebrew synonym is, 'Rosh: Head; Captain; Chapiter; Chief; Chiefest place; Chief man; Chief things; Company; Highest parts; Ruler; Sum; Top; Excellent; First; Principle; On high; To lead; Gall; Hemlock; Poison; Venom. Rasha: Fault; Wickedness; Wickedly. Rishon: Afore time; Ancestor; Before; Before time [matter]; Eldest; Foremost; Former; First; First estate; Principality; Power; Magistrate; Rule; Logos; The Word; Prince; Author; Chief; Sheppard; High priest'.  Just as the expanding singularity in its "beginning".

    Now the word, 'God'; English dictionary: 'An image that is worshiped; Idol; A person or thing deified'. Now the Hebrew Lexicon – 'God as number six; (El): Mighty one; These; Those; Power; Elm, oak, teal tree; an object of worship. Elohim: Angels; Mighty; Great; Judges. Tsur: Assault; Beset; Besiege; Lay siege; Adversary; Cast; Fashion; Bind; Bind up; Distress; Fortify; Enclose; Put up in bags; Edge; Mouth; Sword; Mighty one; Rock; Stone; Strength; God; Mighty God; Sharp; Strong. [Perhaps Galaxies should be added?] This resonates with the scripture that reads: "I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal"  Deuteronomy 32-39 and; Isaiah 45:7 "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things".

This certainly expresses the duality of the creation. At the nano instant of the Bang, for billions of years thereafter till the cooling of the universe, there could not have been any of the above literally, because of the intense, almost absolute heat. So these images of God as tree's, rocks stones etc, are metaphorical images of the preparations for the recondite sub-structure for knowledge. Knowledge is synonymous with the word, God. If you can grasp it, it is the self- begotten making of God. Profound, yes! The  creator and the created are in this together. Weigh the evidence of this work and my web-site and watch it all fall in place.


    What the above is saying, or implying, is, there is nothing that is not God (omnipresent - omnipotent - omniscience); as mentioned before, “the creator and the created are one”. (see - God and The Cosmos ) The definitions above depict much action, such as chaotic upheaval out of and from - the Arc or, bang.  In retrospect of what has been written thus far one should be able to comprehend the construction of an invisible - connected substructure communicating in and of itself without any individuated entity involved.

    Looking to the Bible for an explanation of God, I, for the most part, find It-Him, associated with what the Bible calls “The Word.”  Following this line of thought, look at the scripture in the first chapter of the book of John;  Verses 1-3 read, “In the beginning was The Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same [sic] was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.”  I find this very interesting especially after reading the above variant descriptions of “God” - or the word.  A reference to the light that is in this Word, or that which was in the beginning with the Word, can be found in Revelation 19:13, which is also referenced in The First Epistle Of John, 1-5.

    If we look at words as having the ability to depict an image or images, we can get a clearer concept of what is happening.  Example: If I were to ask you to draw a picture of an ancient Waka-Paka, would you know what to draw?  I feel certain that the answer to that question is no because I, just at this moment made the name up.  So, as we can see, a name with no image must be similar to an image with no name.  How does an image have a name without someone to name it?  At this stage of evolution (right after the Arc) there is nothing but heaved up matter, or in other words, images with no observer to name them.  If there is no observer, how could there be a creator of what is happening?  How can one think, when there are no words for thoughts to think with?  Or, when there is no-thing or image, how can there be an observer?  With no-thing made, how could there have been a mind?  If there is no mind, how could there have been a thinking creator? And we should always keep in mind trhat we control how we use the force, i.e., God;

Thou hast bought me no sweet cane with money, neither hast thou filled me with the fat of thy sacrifices: but thou hast made me to serve with thy sins, thou hast wearied me with thine iniquities."

    The scripture says ”…God came from Teman...’ Researching reference materials on Teman back through Esau, I found that God came from chaos, the very thing we've been observing since the Arc.  This would be like saying knowledge out of confusion, light out of darkness, good out of evil, etc.  So, going back before creation or to total blackness, there could not have been a mind to create anything, including itself.  But, as taught in many philosophies, the universe is self-begotten; the same is said of God.  Thus, the words omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient describe things quite well – the creator and the created are one.  

    This kind of reasoning bears a keen familiarity with the concept that the principle of intelligence and the spirit of consciousness are universally formulated within the universe itself, and because of itself.  To understand the symbolisms that form the cocoon that guards the truth within it is to see into this spherical cocoon clearly, thus- the crystal ball symbol.  So… where do we fit in?

    Since the all is self-begotten, where does that leave us?  Physics and biology, I would venture to say, is 100% in the same arena as the bible, or vice versa.  However, not many of either side understand it just yet, that’s around the corner – soon.  They have done an excellent job in explaining the beginnings of the species (Genesis 1:20,21) as far back as the Big Bang.  Following the expression from the bible,  “…seed after its own kind...” suggests, unless the seed is changed, it will always remain the same. The energy configuration or chemical D.N.A. compound in the human seed and the seed of our distant cousins (apes) is but a small difference, yet just enough to keep our distant kin from developing or evolving as far as our species.  There is a plethora of detailed information to support this information.

     As our species evolved, knowledge did also.  At the beginning of this knowledge, the verbal communication that ensued was having the right grunt for the right image.  Different 'grunts', movements and sounds, instilled learned and sundry images in the mind; from those images, and a desire to communicate orally, clan language was born.  The rest of language history is written and recorded.

    What you have just read is a loose overview of my research regarding the beginning of creation as I see it from the bible and other works.  Some being: The Old and New Testament Apocrypha’s, the Gnostics, Sanskrit, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Koran, the Torah, the (Q)Kabbala, Hermes Trismegistus, the Mayan's PoPolVuh, the Tibetan and Egyptian Book Of The Dead, the Nag Hammadi Library, the Hebrew - Egyptian Mystery in The Source Of Measures, The Life Of Pythagoras, the Cosmic Code, Paul Davies, Fred Alan Wolf, The Great Pyramid Decoded, The Center Of Life (biology) and numerous more.

    All of these have the same esoteric values as theoretical physics, theoretical biology and all universal sciences.  Theoretical physics was the key that changed my glass darkly into an elegant ball, somewhat clear as crystal.  Personally, what I feel happening in the immediate future is the long awaited re-marriage and beautiful wisdom of enlightened communication between science and religion.  The blanks in one are the information in the other; what one is missing the other has.  These are “The Two Witnesses/The Holy-Gram Of Biblical Physics.” I now find no difference in either of their esoteric purport to educate and enlighten humanity.  I earnestly await with joyful anticipation to see, hear, and feel the profound magnitude and dynamic majesty of the communicative harmony resounding in absolute union that will burst forth from, and because of, this long lost reunion of which, even now, I spiritually stand in awe.

Galileo:  "The book of nature and the book of Scripture were written by the
same author, and cannot be in conflict."
  The Two Books, "The Two Witnesses", i.e., "Science and Religion". The "literal and spiritual" teachings of  religious doctrine.

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    There is an ingredient to all the above that will enable you to better understand the evolution of knowledge and cosmic consciousness - without controversy.  It is spiritual and relative to the above statement, “we are, in fact, manifested energy from the very source we are observing”. This would take numerous pages and much time here, to delve into a full explanation, but for those who might be interested, there’s a very short version at this address: http://embracingthecontradiction.org/cont7.html.  There is one other acceptation and that is, having the confidence to know verily that before the Big Bang or the differentiation of heaviness, and this magnificent  manifested metaphor, the universe, there actually was - no - thing. The enlightened mind can now view the universe with wonder and awe, then sigh - "Am I That Am I?"  Now say it backwards - "I Am That I Am!" (Star stuff - that is).

    Thomas Troward expresses most of the above quite nicely in his book, "Bible Mystery And Bible Meaning." It's published by Dodd, Mead and Company, New York, 1913. This is another book I highly recommend. As a matter of fact, all of his works are a great witness. About 95 percent of his works, to me, are right on the money. And at the time, I'm not sure if he was familiar with the big bang theory or not. Some of his other books are with different publishers. I'll insert a couple pages of what he says. It starts in chapter 7, page 173, second paragraph:

    "The new personality thus generated may be considered as the child of the individual soul which gives birth to it; and since there is only ONE Spirit anywhere and everywhere, it can be only another mode to the original ONE --- consequently the Son who is thus born to David the beloved, is Himself "the Everlasting Father," and thus the answer to the sacred puzzle is that the man, who has really learned the inner meaning of the words "know thyself," discovers that the true I AM in himself is one with the universal I AM, which is the root of all individualized being.

    It is in the light of these sublime truths, that the Name of "the Son" is equally with that of "the Father" the Sacred Name, in the true knowledge of which salvation is alone to be found. For what do we mean by "Salvation"? "That we might be saved from the hand of all them that hate us," is the answer; that is, from the power of everything that in any way militates against our enjoyment of the fullest life. That we might attain to continually increasing degrees of Life was the declared object of the Master's mission, and therefore, salvation means the power to ask and receive that our joy may be full; and the only way this power can ever come to us is by the recognition of our own possibilities as being each as the image and likeness of God.

    Therefore it is written, "To them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe in His Name;" and the word rendered "power" may also be rendered as "right," so that this passage assures us both of our power and right to take possession of our inheritance as sons and daughters of the Almighty [our birth-right]. Now, mark well that this promise is not held forth as a reward for the acceptance of some theological speculation, which conveys no real meaning to us, and which by its very terms must be incapable of proof; but it is the natural and logical outcome of the initial proposition with which the Bible opens, that Spirit is the ONE and Only source, Origin, and Substance of all things, a self evident truth the contrary of which it is impossible to conceive.

    What I here call "Spirit" you may, if you please, call "the Unknowable," or x, or denote it by a single stroke; the name or symbol we use is quite immaterial, so long as we grasp the fact that the initial originating Power must of necessity reproduce itself all the way down the scale, no matter how different the forms under which it does so. In whatever way we may denote it, it is always the Great Expressor; and all that is, we ourselves included is its Expression of itself; so that the whole teaching of Truth may be summed up in the words, The Expressor and the Expressed are one. Work out the problem in any way you will and you will never arrive at any other final result than this; and so we always come back to that fundamental axiom which Jesus announced as the supreme statement of the LAW. This is the great truth enshrined in every form of the Sacred Name; and therefore, it is that every form of the Great Name, when rightly understood, is found to be the Word of Power." (see: Christ and 1 Corinthians 1-24 - "God" representing, "knowledge" = the "Word") )

See also:
THE CREATIVE PROCESS IN THE INDIVIDUAL   BY  T. TROWARD (Late Divisional Judge, Punjab. Honorary member of the Medico-Legal Society of New York) Author of the "Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science," etc.


Here is a cosmic explanation  of the (OEM) by Michael Spirit. And several discussions about creation, in the forum. Also visit his site, The Grand UniVerse of Primary 
Consciousness The Sorcerer's Handbook to the Void. Join the e-group.
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And, if you are still interested thus far, do not miss the opportunity to read “A Scientist's Thoughts About Redefining our Concept of God Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.1999.  What I have discovered from the bible and what she is advocating from the scientific community is strikingly the same in this next link!  http://www.ratical.org/LifeWeb/Articles/whatsgod.html.        

Also see, Philos Of Alexandria.  And; Parables and Paradoxes -- Meanings Hidden, Yet Obvious By Eleazar, 1999


    In the "NewTestament Apocrypha " by Hennecke - Schneemelcher, volume 2, pages 319, 320, under the "Acts Of Peter," is a most beautiful spiritual explanation about the Word. The "brackets" and "dark emphasis," will be my addition for reflection on what has been discussed heretofore in the Bible.

    "Then when he [Peter] had approached and stood by the cross [meaning contradiction] he began to say, 'O name of the cross, mystery that is concealed! O grace ineffable that is spoken in the name of the cross. O nature of man that cannot be parted from God! O love unspeakable and inseparable that cannot be disclosed through unclean lips! I seize thee now, being come to the end of my release from here. I will declare thee, what thou art; I will not conceal the mystery of the cross that has long been enclosed and hidden from my soul. You who hope in Christ [spiritual understanding], for you the cross must not be this thing that is visible [the image of the word]; for this (passion), like the passion of Christ, is something other than this which is visible.

    And now above all since you who can hear, can (hear it) from me, who am at the last closing hour of my life, give ear; withdraw your souls from every outward sense [11 Corinthians 10:7] and from all that appears but is not truly real [the lie or letter]; close these eyes of yours, close your ears, withdraw from actions that are outwardly seen, and you shall know the facts about Christ [truth] and the whole secret of your salvation. Let so much be said to you who hear as though it were unspoken [or, don't listen to the image of the words]. But it is time for you, Peter, to surrender your [outer] body to those who are taking it. Take it, then, you whose duty this is, I request you therefore, executioners, to crucify me head - downwards - in this way and no other. And the reason I will tell to those who hear.'

    And when they had hanged him up in the way which he had requested, he began to speak again, saying 'Men whose duty it is to hear, pay attention to what I shall tell you at this very moment that I am hanged up. You must know the mystery of all nature, and the beginning of all things, how it came about [i.e. before the Big-Bang - see above]. For the first man, whose likeness I have in (my) appearance, in falling head - downwards showed a manner of birth that was not so before; for it was dead, having no movement. He therefore, being drawn down - he also who cast his first beginning down to the earth - established the whole of this cosmic system, being hung up as an [image] of the calling, in which he showed what is on the right hand as on the left, and those on the left as on the right, and changed all the signs of their nature, so as to consider fair those things that were not fair, and take those that were really evil to be good [such as the two sides of the scripture].

    Concerning this the Lord says in a mystery, 'Unless you make what is on the right hand as what is on the left and what is on the left hand as what is on the right and what is above as what is below and what is behind as what is before you, you will not recognize the kingdom.' This conception, then, I have declared to you, and the form in which you see me hanging is a representation of that man who first came to birth [the carnal-mind]. You then, my beloved, both those who hear (me) now and those that shall hear in time, must leave your former error and turn back again; for you should come up to the cross of Christ [contradiction of truth], who is the Word stretched out, [in continuance is it fashioned]  the one and only, of whom the Spirit says, 'For what else is Christ but the Word, the sound of God? So that the Word is this upright tree [represents knowledge] on which I am crucified; but the sound is the cross-piece, the nature of man; and the nail that holds the cross-piece to the upright in the middle is the conversion (or turning point) and repentance of man. [ See; here.]

    Since thou hast made known and revealed these things to me, O Word of life, which name I have just given to the tree. I give thee thanks, not with these lips that are nailed fast, nor with the tongue, through which truth and falsehood issues forth, nor with this word that comes forth by the skill of physical nature: but I give thee thanks, O King, with that voice which is known in silence, which is not heard aloud, which does not come forth through the bodily organs, which does not enter the ears of the flesh, that is not heard by corruptible substance, that is not in the world or uttered upon earth, nor is written in books, nor belongs to one but not to another; but with this (voice), Jesu' Christ I thank thee, with silence of the voice, with which the spirit within me, that loves thee and speaks to thee and sees thee, makes intercession.

    Thou art known to the spirit only. Thou art my Father, thou art my Mother, thou art my Brother, thou art Friend, thou art Servant, thou art House-keeper; thou art the All, and the All is in thee; thou art Being, and there is nothing that is, except thou. "With Him then do you also take refuge brethren, and learning that in him alone is your real being, you shall obtain those things of which he says to you, 'What [the carnal] eye has not seen nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man.' We ask then, for that which thou hast promised to give us, O Jesus undefiled; we praise thee, we give thanks to thee and confess thee, and being yet men without strength we glorify thee; for thou art God alone and no other, to whom be both glory now and for all eternity, Amen." "  Here's an interesting article from the Pope. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-declares-evolution-and-big-bang-theory-are-right-and-god-isnt-a-magician-with-a-magic-wand-9822514.html

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