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     At this time I would like to explore with you the concept that we are all in and of the ONE and how this works according to what I understand and have written. To grasp this, one should have a fair idea of how I understand reincarnation according to the Bible. "Reincarnation" is justice in the eternal evolutionary process. It is reciprocity; reaping what you've sown while bringing in its manifestations. There's nothing more just than to receive what we have created or deserve. It is judgment in its perfection; (See here). Everyone of us has our on "cross" or  Karma. And again, "cross" represents "contradiction;" contradiction in the sense that we are not "one" with ourselves as an individual - spiritually, or as a species. We are divided - and as we are now starting to realize, a divided house [or species] cannot stand. This is not the way it was in the beginning when we were of one conscience, one mind, one accord. This unity is what many of us yearn for and are searching for. Our species is now at the open door of this great convergence, a time of returning to our former estate of oneness and peace. Again, as it is written in 1 Corinthians 15:19; "For if in this life only - we think we have hope in finding the truth of Christ, we are of all people, the most miserable". It is not done in just one lifetime.

 Ecclesiastes chapter 1:9;  "The thing that hath been (the past), it is that which shall be (or evolve);
and that which is done (present) is that which shall be done (evolve, again - or manifest): and there
is no new thing [or spirit of person] under the sun (because we have evolved - from - what we've done)". 

 Ecclesiastes chapter 3: 15; "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God [creation-oem] requireth that which is past". It takes a past to make a now, and a now, to make a future. In other words we definitely reap what we sow; a true saying - "your past will catch up with you". Another; "Your works do follow you". These three scriptures alone clearly suggests spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation of the spirit.

Here is a good example: Exodus 34:7. "Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation." No! We are not being punished for what our ancestors did; we are simply reaping what we have sown. Creation is not a respecter of persons neither is it prejudice.

In past lives our spirit has been in male and female bodies experiencing the lessons attached to the karma of the seeds sown in prior incarnations. As the story of the blind man. John 9:2, 3 ; 2. "And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?" 3. "Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him."  There again, he did nothing wrong in this life but this was a manifestation of a past life. Thus the reason for this reply, "but that the works of God i.e., Karma, should be made manifest in- him."
Following the scripture "
Seed after it's own kind," suggests that we always come back into the human experience and not animal, vegetable or mineral, that is, of some other form than human. This continues until we complete the cycle('s) of death and re-birth (remaining in "hell" as it were). Following this vein of thought certainly indicates that we have been in many cultures and have influenced others in their cultures as others have influenced us. To look at another culture and differentiate ourselves from them, in the eternal sense, cannot be done. We are of them - they are of us - in more ways than one. "You are not your own". There is no way around the inner connectivity of the whole; thus, in the spiritual sense, "To love thy neighbor as thyself" is not far fetched at all.

    For those who have not read "The Two Witnesses/The Holy-Gram Of Biblical Physics" I would like to explain some of the incarnation process as I understand it from the scriptures. Each person, as a personality, has never lived before. For example; when my body was born in this life time It was called, or named, Dwayne Sheffield. From that point forward It (body/mind/soul - not spirit) was taught and programmed the things of tradition. It/I believed I was It (a human being) - trying to experience the Spiritual experience. Everything I learned was from others experience's - from recorded history forward. I had no recollection of anything in any past life. Why? Because I, as Dwayne Sheffield, have never lived before (even though I am the direct result of the spirit [within me] which did live before). I, my personality - Dwayne, was not created until this life time but, the Spirit that entered this body at its birth has lived in many past lives, i.e., I am a personified construct of the eternal experience of energy in matter. I am not human - But - essentially I am the direct result of that experience. 
It is this spirit with which we have our déjà-vu or remembering experiences. It is this spirit that is in continual contact with the cosmic mind (i.e., Lambs Book of Life, Akashic Records, Noosphere etc.) and we can sometimes tune in (spiritually hear - comprehend), when we are in harmony with ourselves and  our destiny - resonate - frequencies, i.e., communicating with our creator spirit - "The Lord My God". "The Lord Your God", "The Lord His/her God". Everyone is the manifested result of their
creator within, i.e., "The Kingdom Of God Is Within". That's where the creator must also be since He is omnipresent.

    Everyone has their own "creator spirit" that entered them at birth (when they felt the mothers contractions beckoning to them), and it knows all things. When the spirit enters the body it enters into a stage of incarnation called "Manasseh." "Manasseh" is a Hebrew word which means, that which causes forgetfulness. The scriptures remind us, in hidden language, to cry out unto God to awaken and remember us. Now, it's understandable why it was written this way. It would be absurd  to even think the religious community would think of doing that to their god of the Bible, i.e., crying aloud into the sky for Him to wake up! This "personal" god of ours cannot be what it is without the universal father/mother creator - God (operation of energy in matter - oem), that is the source of life in which all things have their being. The Father/Mother, The Word and The Holy-Ghost - The universe (=one word), Knowledge and Understanding of it. Pure enlightened living energy -Again, AKA,  'God', Allah, The Force, Unified Field, Lamb's Book Of Life, Noosphere, Akashic Records etc..

    The Law of reciprocity has it that; "What we sow we shall also reap", thus - the energy  frequencies my creator spirit (= father) sowed in its past existence went into the universal ethers (The above mentioned fields) awaiting the call in this life for when two people with the combined matching energy patterns in their D.N.A. vibrating in resonate harmony with what previously had been stored or put into the universe, i.e. the instructions for the/our new body, which will permeate the sperm and egg in its creative process of  this body and the physical circumstances for my (creator) spirit to incarnate into - just  as we are now creating the circumstances that will be necessary to facilitate the universal accumulation of necessities (DNA energies) required to bring about the body needed for the next incarnation at that time - that is - we are sowing now - what we will have to experience then (this is the same as we will eat the flesh of our sons and daughters). One could say to the universe, "A body thou hast prepared for me" (Hebrews 10:5), why? because it was written by me. Where? in the Cosmos/the mind of God/OEM. In my spirits past life it lived and sowed (put into the Cosmos - wrote - by its thoughts and so doings) the things (coding) necessary for it to have a body in this life that it may continue its quest for perfection just as we are now preparing for the next incarnation, that is, if we remain on this Wheel Of Death And Re-birth - or in sin (error) - hell.  The object of the quest, of course, is to overcome spiritual death ( ignorance) and not have to return to the school master - planet earth; Chaos, i.e., illusion - Hell. As it is written though - we have forever; and whenever we're ready, we can deliver ourselves from this eternal wheel called Hell. See Psalms; 16:10, 86:13 and Proverbs 15:24. There is a way out and we must be the one's to work out our own salvation from this forgetfulness we have created. What greater love than having forever to find our way back home?

    Once our spirit is ready to leave this life, it garners, gleans or grafts in the part of this life's experiences that are relatively  necessary for its continuation. Each collective lifetime it experiences is called its Soul. The Spirit is the one that goes from lifetime to lifetime and the soul is the experience of each particular lifetime. It is also referred to as the Spirit experiencing the Human experience, rather than the other way around. The part of my human experience in this life that will be useful to my spirit, the spirit that created me (i.e. - the soul), will be carried to the next plateau, and so on until it reaches its/my desired perfection. The idea here is, for me as Dwayne, is to become more like my creator - now - in this life, and thus, with the mind of Christ or cosmic consciousness being set loose from this (my) wheel of death and re-birth, that is, the law of sin and death (Galatians 3:22-25), never having to visit again. And as it is written, "I die daily".

 Every time, and the more I am enlightened, the more the negative personality dies and the enlightened self grafted into the eternal spirit within. If you would like to meet one of your co- creators in this life - "Know Thyself" :o).  So then, the spirit represents a magnet which attaches to the significant essence accumulated from each life cycle and, with that, sustains its evolutionary momentum of not just one soul, but many (life-times), essentially, making up the - one-spirit, the one that does live forever. Remember where it was said; "I die daily"? and another; "You must be born again"., If, as this writer states, "he dies daily"; then to continue to "die daily" strongly suggest' you must be born again in order to do so. As a matter of fact, you would have to be born again and again, over and over until we get it right, i.e., not having to return again having delivered our self from hell (Psalm 16:10,11 -Psalm 33:19 - Proverbs 15:24), or as it were, "from the wheel of death (lack of knowledge) and "Re-birth". 

This scripture in Exodus, 20:5 bothered me for years until I understood the reincarnation process, and it goes like this: "Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them [graven images], nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me."
If this were to be taken literally it would certainly imply God is a respecter of person, unjust and unrighteous in his judgment. Why would he punish me for something my 100 times great grand parent's had done? I wouldn't do that to my children so something is definitely awry here if God is supposed to be a "loving and Just God".
Well the only way it can be "just" is by "reciprocity", reaping what YOU sow and have sown, and not because of any ancestors.
 In past lives we have sown it. Now and in future manifestations we'll have to visit what we have done - and are doing. Reaping what WE have sown, lifetime after lifetime suggest' we are, in this respect, our own ancestor. That is, my past lives have created what you see here, now. The "force" or God energy-power will bring into being what we have been and done, etc.. That! is Fair! And that is just! No matter what happened or happens to us throughout eternity - WE DID - AND ARE - DOING IT to ourselves! And what's really interesting is, this is the era of awakening or - resurrection.

There is much more to all of this but I think you get the gist of what I've scantly set forth. For more about what I've written explore the links below that I've checked out for you and think you will have a most exhilarating experience when it all comes home.


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