Bess Ruyle

My singing career started in the fall of 2001 when I was asked to be a guest singer in a little band for a special Holiday show. Until then I had virtually no training or exposure to the microphone except to 'speak' at my industries (Picture Framing) seminars and shows for our trade.
I've taught framing design concepts and techniques to a large group of framers across the nation. Occasionally we had skits and entertaining for the framers meeting but never singing. So this is new for me.


Gleni Tai and Mark Carroll have been my voice coaches. John Cobble, my favorite drummer (he once played behind Ella Fitzgerald) 'discovered' me via a demo CD I had left in a music store that John worked in occasionally. Carol Brandon got me in front of people with her bands, and many of my friends like Dwayne Sheffield, a writer of songs and published singer himself before he came down with throat cancer (he wrote for Trini Lopez), Dottie Foreman, the hostess of the Seagoville Opry, and Philip Adams, Johnny Cash's son-in-law, have helped me tremendously with encouragement and opportunities to sing. I did a little back up singing for Philip's new CD, "The Fiddler and The Rose".
My precious daughter, Stephanie Sofey is and has always been my biggest fan and supporter. She and my husband, Randy, have continuously urged me to SING, even when I thought I couldn't sing at all.
I've participated in 'jams', 'openings' and small shows for years with a great bluesy piano man, Fats Fitzgerald. I am just about to retire from the picture framing industry ("At Last") after 30 years of being in business for myself as the Golden Egg Gallery, and 40 years in this industry. I hope to make singing my new career for the rest of my life. I am thrilled to be in this production of "As Time Goes By".




The pictures below are the ones I took in the lobby of the main entrance of the theatre.  


                          JoeAnn and Bess
                            Bess and Dwayne


   Bess & husband, Randy with  our friend, Dioro.         On the left, is one of the "Follies" -  girls.


Randy, JoeAnn, Bess and choreographer, Carla Birmingham

                        Randy and Bess Ryule



              JoeAnn and Dwayne Sheffield


                                     End of 2008 pictures



                                   Below are the 2009 pictures


        The Majestic Theater                                                                           The Fabulous Cast



  with her dynamite energy!

Rose Mary Rumbley, an extraordinary entertainer and                Bobbie Lane, Oklahoma is her home, but she is well known all
special VIP in the Dallas area.

    Jennifer Martin, an up and coming new singing STAR.              Carmen Yunson, sang the most powerful and beautiful                                                                                                                           rendition of "The Man That Got Away" that has ever                                                                                                                          been done on stage. Estelle Carter is  the dancer from from                                                                                                               Class Act on the right.

Lillie Madison, stole the show!!!!!! with        Lu Mitchell, has to be the funniest song writer living today.
 "Summertime" every night.                            We're told she is 85, I think she is 15 going on 5,000 in wisdom and beauty.

Mark Carroll, Mr. Piano Man, our producer and fearless guide with                                      
Trella Hart, known for her flawless singing, impeccable phrasing                                           Trella Hart
and most fabulous sound here.


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