I am a mighty solider

and the army of the Lord,

I slew a thousand rich men

with the tongue of a two-edged sword,

My vengeance is my mercy

my compassion is my wrath,

My light divides the darkness

that leads you off my path,

I wear a crown of righteousness

my wisdom is my word,

My hand will defeat any army

that has not heard,

To the legions that love me,

let them proudly boast,

They are defended by the solider

the wise men fear the most,

I am the God of heaven

I bring the fire and rain,

I bless those who love the truth

and curse the rest with pain,

I Am a mighty solider

the army of the Lord,

My armor is my truth

my tongue a two-edged sword.

Copyright 12-26-2002 ARR



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