How some words are used to depict different meanings

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Throughout the use of mythology, symbolism, allegory, metaphor, typology, etcetera, different words are used to portray various impressionable concepts in order to convey a more hidden or sublime message.

I will endeavor to show how I use these words in my writings. How I came to the method of understanding these words comes from the scripture in Romans 1:20, (KJV) "For the invisible [spiritual] things of Him [God = Word/s] from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead =
Christ; 1 Corinthians 1-24 ; so that they are without excuse

"The things that are made!".... 'Made' - that was the clue for me. "Words" arranged in story form makes images. Mental pictures of things 'made' by and from 'words' are images. Taken out of context; "graven Image/s".

Some of the words I have already elaborated upon in different sections of my site, I've placed a link to that, as shown below. Some I will explain on this page.

Posted, 1/2/2012

Words without explanation are links.



Bread: Doctrine - dogma etc.



Cloud/s Obscurity
- confusion.

Corn: - wine -- oil - anointed 


Dog: One that 'barks' at its 'sheep' to get back into the fold. As one that knocks on the door. Barker = salesman.

Ear/s: Left = Deaf... Right...  The ability to comprehend the spiritual meaning. Peter, the "rock".

Earth: And here: And here.

Eyes: Understanding. Left for carnal understanding and right for spiritual.


Field: The place where the seed is sown = the mind


Holy: That which is separated - set apart - spiritual from carnal. Like a spiritual interpretation verses a literal or carnal one.

Horn/s: Represent a heralding or proclamation. Read whole page.

Horse: Strength of intent and desires, helps to carry them forth as you guide the bridle.

House: Your mind - where "you" live. The place of abode you have built with the knowledge you have wrought. Also seen as, Golgotha, place of the skull.

Grace: And here:

Graven Image: Read all of this page:

Incense: The vibration of  the sounds of prayer.



Moon: It is the 'lesser' of the two lights. It gives light at night whereas the Sun dissipates all darkness.  Also; How the Moon affects humans.

Olive - Truth- anointing- good. Knowledge - tree.

Ox; Oxen: Represent "Apostle" one that treadeth out the "Corn", meaning one that seeks out the "Christ" or "Anointing" of the Word.

Pray - prayer: To inquire, seek, beseech, or exclaim. To make incense.

Rock: Strength; Most strong; Stronghold.

Sand: Common; Profane; Unholy; Unstable.

Sin; To miss the mark. To believe the lie of, Romans, 3:7 - KJV.



Spirit/Soul: Read all of the page.


Stone/s: Condemnation, scorn etc....

Sword: Scriptures that are used to fend off enemy thoughts, whether within oneself or toward others.

Tongue/s: Language- doctrines.   

Water: Read a few verses. And then here: And here. And then there is the "good" water.
When we aspire to seek the proverbial 'why'? how come we're here? etc., we are bombarded with answers, thus the "confusion."
First is the waters of confusion and then there is the "water of Life."

  1. 1 Timothy 5:23
    Drink no longer water, (this cannot be taken literally) but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities.

Wood: Knowledge, tree.











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