"From Out Of The Blue"
Sung by Bess Ryule
Music from Karaoke CD.
Original Words & music More  by JoeAnn &
Dwayne Sheffield


(More with Dwayne Sheffield...cont.)

 Wrote, "Until All The Hurting's Gone" for Bo Rivers (out of Dallas). Carter/Cash friends HERE. I have recorded 6 songs  I wrote. Three 45's seen here.  Play rhythm guitar, have fronted several bands and emceed many benefit shows. Co-wrote lyrics of several published and recorded songs by Trini LopezFive of the songs we wrote are listed under, discography, and they are: "I'm Just a Poor Little Schemer", "Yes You Do", "Don't Treat Me That Way", "Rock On " and "The Search Goes On ". Here's a label shot of "Rock On" and "Schemer & U-Tube copies of the others."... Trini's  home page.  BMI# for "rock On". Other BMI, listings, here (Click on titles). Other docs. And here. Have performed in "Hail Hail The Gang's All Here," and "Gang Busters". Was an active extra in six segments of the "Dallas" TV series. Professional artist in oils, pencil, charcoal, and prefer pastels on velour. Some can be seen here. Bust sculptures in modeling clay. Have had one invention on the market and two more forthcoming sometime in the near future. A graduate of Alpha Dynamics & Development Institute with special courses in Alpha Investigation and was awarded the title of Alpha Analyst. Also a graduate of "Browns Technological Institute Of Technology" ( Dallas, Texas), and graduated as a mechanical draftsman. Also: philosophy.  Here are some new and old photos. 
 NOTE: The song, "From Out Of The Blue", at the top of this page, is Recorded by a friend of mine; Bess Ruyle. My wife and I wrote this several years ago. Bess, is also performing for The Mark Carroll production, THE SPECTACULAR SENIOR FOLLIES, "As Time Goes By". Opening Friday September 5, through September 7, 2008, with matinees on Saturday and Sunday at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas. Click here for 08 and 09 photos of the event. Good going Bess.







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