Note: Brackets [] and emphasis are mine...Dwayne

God the universe:

An Excerpt from an email conversation with Michael Spirit

    It would be nice to believe that the UniVerse has 
reached perfection in its common understanding of itself, that the 
astral planes were so perfected that Human Beings as 
well as other life forms could easily see and comprehend the so 
called "Master Plan". Because the UniVerse as a closed system is 
driven by self-experience, God is all knowing as far as what God 
has learned. God is evolving because the UniVerse is evolving. If 
we try to say that God is a separate entity, somehow ruling the 
Cosmos from another realm then we might as well start another 
discussion group to find the mechanism of something other than the 
closed system that Existence/UniVerse/God is.

    If we search elsewhere we will eventually be led back to the foundation of the 
very existence that we are undivided from. God, the UniVerse, 
Existence - all arose from the same function/fluxion of 
Inertia/foundational Consciousness in self-encounter - "The 
wholeness is greater than the sum of its parts and therefore seeks 
equivalence within and of itself in an attempt to achieve a 
balance that can never be attained - thus Existence, the UniVerse, 
God - proceeds in self-experience, self-learning, - in everlasting 
perpetuity. They - God, the UniVerse, Existence - are all the same 

    Through such intercourse - life arises, souls are formed 
and evolve into a hierarchy of levels of mass consciousness 
[speaking of  "hierarchy  levels" how about Higher than the Highest - Ecclesiastes 5:8] 
of which the infrastructure of existence is formed and governed. It 
is after all - only Inertia, only Consciousness in its most 
fundamental form, that all patterns of existence are constructed 
of. We are each the All as well as individual beings. Each soul is 
limited in perception based upon its experiential construct, its 
body of knowledge. If it perceives through animate form, then it 
is narrowly focused through cerebral matter which gives it its 
sense of self. More experienced souls actively meditate and thus 
bypass cerebral functions and see their undividedness, their 
at-one-ness, but still only up to their experiential level. 

    Souls more educated, more experienced - see further. Souls that are 
disembodied that are inexperienced are confused and frightened and 
seek the nearest, quickest familiarity available - 
auto-reincarnation - again and again, until it finally dawns on 
them through meditation or through brute experience, that there 
are other options - and of course such dawning is actually a 
change of state in the soul's body of knowledge, in its 
experiential construct - and thus it now sees higher realms - up 
through those levels of mass consciousness. 

    Yes - self-awareness through an Animate Interface of Cerebral Matter 
has led to Narcissism, selfishness, self-indulgence - but this is just the 
school and playground for learning - and that interfacial matter 
was/is necessary to give the common soul diversification and self 
identities - else there would be no souls - just a common mind 
with less diversity, less experience, less understanding. Did God 
set out to make perfect Beings? Did God set out to make Beings at 
all? Did God set out to do anything other than answer a forced 
question? That is what the seeking of equivalence is - when the 
seeking is forced by imbalance. 

    The question is self-imposed - "What is?" - and the answer comes 
back - "I am!", but because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - the next question 
follows - "What Am I?" - and Existence emanates in every way 
possible to find the answer. The creation of life and resultant 
souls came about by the mechanism of chance [what I refer to 
as "occasion and necessity"]- a continuing and 
integral function of the self-encounter of the wholeness of 
existence ..a continuing and integral function of the self-encounter of the 
wholeness of God. We are learning. God, the 
UniVerse, Existence learning. That is why every challenge 
must be met with courage, with enthusiasm! We are the souls that 
will eventually become responsible to seek and maintain that 
Cosmic balance. We are SEEING, BEING and EVOLVING - we each are in 
an evolving sense - the Wholeness of Existence in and of itself."

  The common mind of God looks back upon itself through the
analytical mechanisms of the animate form, (senses and brain) -
and each animate form being different, sees the wholeness of
God/Existence in a different way, but it is still that unified
mind seeing simultaneously in different ways and so a commonality
of vision thus dwells above and below the worldly classical
interpretations. This is the higher feeling that we all have that
there is more to this world than we can classically perceive. We
perceive dualistically, both in the analytical classical sense and
as well through the vision of the unified mind that God/Existence
    Ultimately it is God acting through each of us and through
every other pattern of existence that is constructed of God - as
God and the totality of existence are one and the same ..but there
is an added function where souls are created through animate form
as such souls become self-aware because they are focused to
individuality and when the animate form expires, the altered form
of the unified mind of God, (each soul a part of though
differentiated), still sees itself as a self and thus seeks
familiarity with others of a like kind, forming levels of mass
consciousness within the wholeness that God is. Thus the mind of
God slowly learns and changes through the matriculation of
self-aware souls of who's education is in continual advancement.
    To conclude - It is God that acts through each of us, but it
is we who redirect the common mind to differentiated


    Perhaps you can see, if you have followed my thoughts on this, Mike, definitely
 is seeing the same thing as I see (or visa versa) in OEM according to scripture. Gotta' love it! :o)