Tablet VII: The Seven Lords

 Hark ye, O man, and list to my Voice. Open thy mind-space and drink of my wisdom. Dark is the pathway of LIFE that ye travel. Many the pitfalls that lie in thy way. Seek ye ever to gain greater wisdom. Attain and it shall be light on thy way. Open thy SOUL, O man, to the Cosmic and let it flow in as one with thy SOUL. LIGHT is LIGHT. Know ye that ever as Light fills thy being, darkness for thee shall soon disappear.

Open thy soul to the BROTHERS of BRIGHTNESS. Let them enter and fill thee with LIGHT. Lift up thine eyes to the LIGHT of the Cosmos. Keep thou ever thy Face to the goal. Only by gaining the light of all wisdom, art thou one with the Infinite goal. Seek ye ever the Oneness eternal. Seek ye ever the Light of The goal. Light is infinite and Light is finite, separate only by darkness in man. Seek ye to rend the Veil of the Darkness. Bring thou together the Light into One. Hear ye, O man, list to my Voice singing the song of Light and of Life. Throughout all space, Light is prevalent, encompassing ALL with its banners Of flame. Seek ye forever in the Veil of the Darkness, somewhere ye shall Surely find Light. Hidden and buried, lost to man's knowledge, deep in the finite The Infinite exists. Lost, but existing, flowing through all things, living in ALL is the INFINITE BRAIN [cosmic consciousness - Lambs Book of Life - Akashic Records].

In all space, there is only ONE wisdom. Though seeming divided, it is ONE in the ONE, All that exists comes forth from the LIGHT, and the LIGHT comes forth from the ALL. Everything created is based upon ORDER: LAW rules the space where the INFINITE dwells. Forth from equilibrium came the great cycles, moving in harmony Toward Infinity's end. Know ye, O man, that far in the space-time, INFINITY itself shall pass into change. Hear ye and list to the Voice of Wisdom: Know that ALL is of ALL evermore. Know that through time thou may pursue wisdom and find ever more light on the way. Aye, thou shalt find that ever receding, thy goal shall elude thee from day unto day.

Long time ago, in the HALLS of AMENTI, I, Thoth, stood before the LORDS of The cycles. Might, THY in their aspects of power; might, THEY in the wisdom unveiled. Led by the Dweller, first did I see them. But afterwards free was I of their presence, free to enter their conclave at will. Oft did I journey down the dark pathway unto the HALL where the LIGHT ever glows. Learned I of the Masters of cycles, wisdom brought from the cycles above us, knowledge brought from INFINITY'S ALL. Many the questions I asked of the LORDS of the cycles. Great was the wisdom they gave unto me. Now unto thee I give Of this wisdom, drawn from the flame of Infinity's fire. Deep in the DARK HALLS sit the Seven, units of consciousness from cycles above. Manifest THEY in this cycle as guides of man to the knowledge of ALL.

Seven are they, mighty in power, speaking these words through me to men. Time after time, stood I before them listening to words that came not with sound. Once said THEY unto me: "O man, wouldst thou gain wisdom? Seek for it in the heart of the flame. Wouldst thou gain knowledge of power? Seek ye it in the heart of the flame. within thine own hidden flame." Many the times spoke THEY to me, teaching me wisdom not of the world; Showing me ever new paths to brightness; teaching me wisdom brought from above. Giving knowledge of operation, learning of LAW, the order of ALL.

Spoke to me again, the Seven, saying: "From far beyond time are WE, come, O man. Traveled WE from beyond the SPACE-TIME, aye, from the place of Infinity's end. When ye and all of thy brethren were formless, formed forth were WE from the order of ALL. Not as men are WE though once WE, too, were as men. Out of the Great Void were WE formed forth in order and by LAW. For know ye that that which is formed truly is formless, having form only to thine eyes." And again, unto me spoke the Seven, saying: "Child of the LIGHT, O THOTH, Art thou, free to travel the bright path upward until at the last ALL ONES Become ONE.

Forth were WE formed after our order: THREE, FOUR, FIVE and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT - NINE. Know yet that these are the number of cycles that WE descend from Unto man. Each having here a duty to fulfill; and having here a force to control. Yet are we ONE with the SOUL of our cycle. Yet are WE, too, seeking a goal. Far beyond man's conception, Infinity extends into a greater than ALL. There, in a time that is yet not a time, we shall ALL become ONE with a greater Than ALL. Time and space are moving in circles. Know ye their law, and ye, too, shall be free. Aye, free shall ye be to move through the cycles - pass the guardians that dwell at the door."

Then to me spoke HE of NINE, saying: "Aeons and aeons have I existed, Knowing not LIFE and tasting not death. For know ye, O man, that far in the future, life and death shall be one with the ALL. Each so perfected by balancing the other that neither exists in the Oneness of ALL. In men of this cycle, the life force is rampant, but life in its growth becomes one with the ALL. Here, I manifest in this your cycle, but yet am I there in your future of time. Yet to me, time exists not, for in my world time exists not, for formless are WE. Life have WE not but yet have existence, fuller and greater and freer than thee.

Man is a flame bound to a mountain, but WE in our cycle shall ever be free. Know ye, O man, that when ye have progressed into the cycles that lengthen above, life itself will pass to the darkness and only the essence of Soul shall remain." Then to me spoke the LORD of the EIGHT saying: "All that ye know is but part of little. Not as yet have ye touched on the Great. Far out in space where LIGHT reigns supreme, came I into the LIGHT. Formed was I also but not as ye are. Body of Light was my formless form formed. Know I not LIFE and know I not DEATH, yet master am I of all that exists. Seek ye to find the path through the barriers. Travel the road that leads to the LIGHT [I am THE LIGHT of the world - 'Christ' = Understanding].

Spoke again to me the NINE saying: "Seek ye to find the path to beyond. Not impossible is it to grow to a consciousness above. For when TWO have become ONE and ONE has become the ALL, know ye the barrier has lifted, and yet are made free of the road. Grow thou from form to the formless. Free may thou be of the road." Thus, through ages I listened, learning the way to the ALL. Now lift I my though to the ALL-THING. List ye and hear when it calls. "O LIGHT, all pervading, One with ALL and ALL with ONE, flow thou to me through the channel. Enter thou so that I may be free. Make me One with the ALL-SOUL, shining from the blackness of night. Free let me be of all space- time, free from the Veil of the night. I, a child of the LIGHT, command: Free from the darkness to be." Formless am I to the Light-Soul, formless yet shining with light. Know I the bonds of the darkness must shatter and fall before light.

Now give I this wisdom. Free may ye be, O man, living in light and in brightness. Turn not thy face from the Light. Thy soul dwells in realms of brightness. Ye are a child of the Light. Turn thy thoughts inward not outward. Find thou the Light-Soul within. Know that thou art the MASTER. All else is brought from within. Grow thou to realms of brightness. Hold thou thy thought on the Light. Know thou art one with the Cosmos, a flame and a Child of the Light. Now to thee gave I warning: Let not thy thought turn away. Know that the brightness flows through thy body for aye. Turn not to the DARK-BRIGHTNESS that comes from the BROTHERS of BLACK. But keep thine eyes ever lifted, thy soul in tune with the Light. Take ye this wisdom and heed it. List to my Voice and obey. Follow the Pathway to brightness, and thou shalt be ONE with the way [I am the TRUTH and the Way - 'Christ'].


Tablet VIII:

The Key of Mysteries:


The Key of Mysteries Unto thee, O man, have I given my knowledge. Unto thee have I given of Light. Hear ye now and receive my wisdom brought from space planes above and beyond.

Not as man am I, for free have I become of dimensions and planes. In each, take I on a new body. In each, I change in my form. Know I now that the formless is all there is of form. Great is the wisdom of the Seven. Mighty are THEY from beyond. Manifest THEY through their power, filled by force from beyond. Hear ye these words of wisdom. Hear ye and make them thine own. Find in them the formless. Find ye the key to beyond. Mystery is but hidden knowledge. Know and ye shall unveil. Find the deep buried wisdom and be master of darkness And Light. Deep are the mysteries around thee, hidden the secrets of Old. Search Through the KEYS of my WISDOM. Surely shall ye find the way. The gateway to power is secret, but he who attains shall receive. Look to the LIGHT! O my brother. Open and ye shall receive. Press on through the valley of darkness. Overcome the dweller of night. Keep ever thine eyes to the LIGHT-PLANE, and thou shalt be One with the LIGHT.

Man is in process of changing to forms that are not of this world. Grows he In time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know ye, ye must become formless (opinionless) before ye are one with the LIGHT. List ye, O man, to my voice, telling of pathways to Light, showing the way Of attainment when ye shall be One with the Light. Search ye the mysteries of Earth's heart. Learn of the LAW that exists, holding the stars in their balance by the force of the primordial mist. Seek ye the flame of the EARTH'S LIFE [or - 'the truth of the Word]. Bathe in the glare of its flame. Follow the three-cornered pathway Until thou, too, art a flame. Speak thou in words without voice to those who dwell down below. Enter the blue-litten temple and bathe in the fire of all life.

Know, O man, thou art complex, a being of earth and of fire [matter and energy]. Let thy flame shine out brightly. Be thou only the fire. Wisdom is hidden in darkness. When lit by the flame of the Soul, find thou The wisdom and be LIGHT-BORN, a Sun of the Light without form. Seek thee ever More wisdom. Find it in the heart of the flame. Know that only by striving can Light pour into thy brain. Now have I spoken with wisdom. List to my Voice And obey. Tear open the Veils of the darkness. Shine a LIGHT on the WAY. Speak I of Ancient Atlantis, speak of the day of the Kingdom of Shadows, Speak of the coming of the children of shadows. Out of the great deep were they called by the wisdom of earth-men, called for the purpose of gaining great power.

Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth came they into this cycle. Formless were they of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men. Only through blood could they have formed being. Only through man could they live in the world. In ages past were they conquered by the Masters, driven below to the place whence they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man. Lived they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye, when the blood was offered, forth came they to dwell among men.

In the form of man moved they amongst us, but only to sight were they as are men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the Councils, taking forms that were like unto men. Slaying by their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o'er man. Only by magic could they be discovered. Only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the kingdom of shadows to destroy man and rule in his place. But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the Veil from The face of the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Came they to man and taught him the secret, the Word that only a man can pronounce. Swift then they lifted the veil from the serpent and cast him forth from place among men.

Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open at times to the world. Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites [rituals] have been said [traditional literal teachings]. Again as time passes onward shall they take the semblance of men. Called may they be by the master who knows the white or the black, but only the white master may control and bind them while in the flesh. Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear. For only the master of brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear. Know ye, O my brother, that fear is an obstacle great. Be master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Hear ye and heed my wisdom, the voice of LIGHT is clear. Seek not the valley of shadow, and Light only will appear [seek that understanding that holds no contradiction].

List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. Speak I of knowledge hidden from .... Far have I been on my journey through SPACE-TIME, even to the end of the space of this cycle. Found I there the great barrier, holding man from leaving this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier [dogs: that part of our mind that's constantly guarding us from leaving the flock of the false shephard. Like someone that comes to the door and condemns us for not living our life different and inviting us to their flock of condemnation], lying in wait for he who would pass them. In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions. Strange and terrible are the HOUNDS of the Barrier. Follow they [.....] Consciousness to the limits of space. Think not to escape by entering your body, for follow they fast the Soul through angles [traps, snares, deception. Created by metaphors, allegories, parables etc..]. Only the circle will give ye protection [God sitteth as a circle upon the earth], save from the claws of the DWELLER in ANGLES.

Once, in a time past, I approached the great Barrier, and saw on the shores where time exists not, the formless forms of the HOUNDS of the Barrier. Aye, hiding in the mist beyond time I found them; and THEY, scenting me afar off, raised themselves and gave the great bell cry that can be heard from cycle to cycle and moved through space toward my Soul. Fled I then fast before them, back from time's unthinkable end. But ever After me pursued they, moving in strange angles not known to man. Aye, on the gray shore of TIME-SPACE's end found I the HOUNDS of the Barrier, ravening for the Soul who attempts the beyond [or attempts the spiritual way]. Fled I through circles back to my body. Fled, and fast after me they followed. Aye, after me the devourers followed, seeking through angles to devour my Soul.

Aye, know ye man, that the Soul who dares the Barrier may be held in bondage by the HOUNDS from beyond time, held till this cycle is all completed and left behind when the consciousness leaves. Entered I my body. Created the circles that know not angles, created the Form that from my form was firmed. Made my body into a mist [?] I be not to move through angles, else my Soul might never by free. Know ye, the HOUNDS of the Barrier move only through angles and never through curves of space. Only by moving through curves can ye escape them, for in angles they will pursue thee. O man, heed ye my warning; Seek not to break open the gate to beyond. Few there are who have succeeded in passing the Barrier to the greater LIGHT that shines beyond. For know ye, ever the dwellers, seek such Souls to hold in their thrall.

Listen, O man, and heed ye my warning; seek ye to move not in angles but curves. And if while free from thy body, thou hearest the sound like the bay of a hound ringing clear and bell-like through thy being, flee back to thy body through circles, penetrate not the mist before. When thou hast entered the form thou hast dwelt in, use thou the cross [contradiction] and the circles [easy flowing - simple - smooth - peaceful etc.] combined [Embracing the Contradiction]. Open thy mouth and use thou thy Voice. Utter the WORD and thou shalt be free. Only the one who of LIGHT has the fullest can hope to pass by the guards of the way. And then must he move through strange curves and angles that are formed in direction not known to man. List ye, O man, and heed ye my warning: attempt not to pass the guards in The way. Rather should ye seek to gain of thine own Light and make thyself ready to pass on the way. LIGHT is thine ultimate end, O my brother. Seek and find ever the Light on The way.

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