What is the IRS ? by Lisa Guliani. August 21, 2002

The IRS is a Money-Laundering Extortion Racket
by Lisa Guliani

Author’s Note: Special thanks are extended to Colorado Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Rick Stanley, Ken S. of American Revolution II, Amanda Moore, Deb Hamm & Fred Smart of We the People Congress, and Paul Walker for their generous assistance in researching this article. They are living proof that men and women of integrity, passion, courage, and honor still exist in this country. Thank you, one and all.

“…I could not say less in view of questions of such gravity that go down to the very foundations of the government. If the provisions of the Constitution can be set aside by an Act of Congress, where is the course of usurpation to end? The present assault upon capital is but the beginning. It will be but the stepping-stone to others, larger and more sweeping, till our political contests will become a war of the poor against the rich; a war growing in intensity and bitterness.”

~ Mr. Justice Field, writing the opinion of the Supreme Court, in a case brought by an attorney, Mr. Joseph H. Choate, in which he successfully challenged the Income Tax Act of 1894.

“…no tax liability … if … the individual was a citizen or resident of the United States throughout the preceding taxable year.”

~ (from the Horse’s mouth) Internal Revenue Code Section 6654 (e) (2) (C)

Libertarian Senatorial candidate Rick Stanley, of Colorado, has now joined with Robert Schulz of “We the People Congress” in refusing to pay income taxes for this year and all future years. Why? Well, for starters, because both he and Schulz don’t have to. You don’t either, according to the law.

That’s right, folks. In case you didn’t happen to know this, there is NO federal law or Act of Congress that requires any American citizen to pay the income tax. In fact, it is referred to as a “voluntary” tax. How can this be? Well, simple. When you fill out a W-4 form, you are essentially signing yourself into servitude and “volunteering” yourself to pay the tax. Did you know this? Well, it’s true. The IRS pressures employers to obtain your signature on the W-4 form so they can reel you into paying this illegal “tax”. Want to know what your heard-earned money isn’t paying for? Well, it isn’t going to pay for ANY governmental service; that is most certain. In fact, what it DOES pay ON, not for, is the INTEREST on the National Debt. Remember that? The National Debt? So, in essence, you are “volunteering” a goodly portion of your paycheck to pay ON an enormous debt which you did not incur. How do you like them apples?

Actually, the Congress incurred this “national debt”. So, why don’t THEY pay it off? Isn’t it interesting, too, how certain individuals seem to NOT “have” to pay income taxes, like the rest of us “average” folk? Take, for instance, Mark Rich, who received a last-minute pardon from Ex-Buffoon Bill Clinton – and he “owed” a HUGE amount of unpaid income tax. Or, for a really good example of how select individuals and families don’t have to pay and make no bones about admitting it, take the Rockefellers. Now, here is one of the richest families in America. And guess what? According to Sherman Skolnick, Nelson Rockefeller testified UNDER OATH during his Senate confirmation hearings that he and “the Rockefeller principal members, have NOT PAID ANY INCOME TAXES in the previous eleven years.” Imagine that. Well, I would think that what is good enough for the likes of Nelson and his gang is good enough for me, too. How about you?

According to Rick Stanley, in 2000, there were an estimated “290 million people in America. The IRS received 123 million tax returns, of which an estimated 23 million were corporate filings and 100 million were from individuals.”

“Conservatively, an estimated 100 million people are not filing taxes and just being quiet about it,” asserts Stanley.

Moreover, Stanley stresses that “there is an IRS form any person can fill out and give to their employer, which says that you are not liable for ANY taxes to be taken out of your wages. None. It is form number IRS code3402 (n), and since no American citizen is liable for income taxes on their wages, interest, etc…, (by constitutional law and the IRS Code book itself), EVERY AMERICAN CAN OPT OUT of the withholding of THEIR money, from THEIR check. Your employer must honor this request. The amount of your money retained in your pocket is huge.”

And … did you know that the IRS is NOT a bureau or agency of the Department of the Treasury? Nope, it isn’t. Holy smokes, but they often send outgoing mail with “Department of the Treasury” right on the return address. Guess what? This is mail fraud. Mail fraud is a serious federal offense. Oops! Guess they are just making a booboo when they do that, huh?

Another thing you should know is that the IRS is a “trust” that is domiciled in (get this) Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico? You bet. And, their records are private and well-protected. Woohoo!! So, they are unaccountable to the poor suckers who they extort money from each and every year.

The IRS is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate of strong-arms who extort our money through illicit means like bribery, kickbacks, grand jury tampering, threats, harassment, imprisonment, property seizure, and other means. Sound like a gang of hoodlums to you? It does to me and many others.

There is no law that says we MUST pay the income tax. In fact, our so-called government is NOT supposed to directly tax its citizens. The income tax is considered to be akin to an excise tax. Direct taxes are supposed to be apportioned. That is according to our Constitution. Remember that document? Ya know, the one we’re not supposed to regard as important anymore? The one no one in our government seems to be guided by these days? Yeah, that one.

In fact, Rick Stanley was in court recently, in a non-tax-related matter, and this is what the judge had to say to his attorney about the Constitution:

“You are not to mention the Constitution during this proceeding. Do you understand? You are not to reference the Constitution in these proceedings. You will not address it in your dire, you will not address it in your opening remarks, you will not ask any questions about the Constitution when you summon your witnesses, and you will not talk about the Constitution when you give your closing arguments. Do you understand my instructions?”

~ Spoken by Judge Patterson of Colorado in addressing Paul Grant, former attorney for Libertarian Senatorial candidate, Rick Stanley.

So now we are not allowed to speak about the Constitution in a court of law? What kind of insanity is this? Where did we get this judge? From which diseased dumpster did he spring forth to preside over a court of law? What absolutely sick, incredulous remarks. Since when has the Constitution become a four-letter word? Answer: since the corporation of the UNITED STATES has realized that Americans are waking up to the TRUTH. Well, Amen to the last part anyway.

It is very sad that ‘We the People’ do not question our so-called government and judiciary more closely. It is imperative that we examine our Constitution and learn what it has to teach us about our rights and about our protections. For instance, when the IRS hassles a citizen as it has in the past, for “illegal tax protests,” you should know there is no such thing as an illegal tax protest. Period. Not only do American citizens have the RIGHT to protest any damn thing we choose, but we most certainly have the right to protest an ILLEGAL tax, such as the income tax. Our fundamental right to protest is protected under the First Amendment. We may protest the illegal income tax. We also have the right to protest a government that allows us to be abused and ripped off in this way. Another thing, if you use an attorney in an admiralty court, you are deemed “incompetent” and unable to handle your own affairs. You don’t say ... awfully presumptuous of them, isn’t it?

I think we should all stand up and support Rick Stanley, Robert Schulz, and all the good Americans who are resisting the illegal income tax extortion being perpetrated by the collection agency known as the Internal Revenue Service. We the People did not incur the National Debt – Congress did that when they sold us down the river. We the People are under no obligation to pay this extortion, as there is NO federal law or Act of Congress that requires us to do so. We have been threatened enough by the racketeers over the years that most people THINK they must pay. However, if you learn your Constitution, which is still the guiding document of this nation, and LEARN your rights, you will come to the realization that you have more power than you may have previously thought. You can loosen your own ropes and free yourself. Claim your sovereignty and declare your independence in an appellate court.

Please support Patriots like Rick Stanley and Robert Schulz, who are fighting for the freedom of all Americans. America is ours to keep or to lose.

Let freedom ring…

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Written by Lisa Guliani of BabelMagazine.com 8/21/2002

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