Of Quasars and Quanta As we come to understand what metaphysics actually is, we begin to realize that modern physics is metaphysics in a rediscovered and more perfected form. Conventional science, the objectively-knowable perspective on reality, and the entire Universe it describes, become recognized as expressions of a transcendental state of reality which, by virtue of its unchangeable unified condition, is even more real than the physical Universe itself.
  • Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom of The Arcanum "The Arcanum website is an attempt to impart to the reader a fundamental awareness of their own Spirituality and the SPIRIT of THE ALL which sustains all of LIFE and living in the reality we live in i.e., the meaning of Life and its individual to find the mental tools within themselves and enables them to exercise a strong will not easily swayed by deception." Another Eye opener!

  • The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 1. The Synthesis Of  Science, Religion, And Philosophy. 
    School Of Spiritual Integrity
    "Harmony of Life through Oneness." I received a vision in the summer of 1988 indicating that an organization, structured and focused differently than other metaphysical groups, was needed. After continued contemplation and meditation, the School of Spiritual Integrity was born. It is my intent and belief that the school is to manifest harmony and unity in the highest sense. The motto is "Harmony of Life through Oneness." The school strives to be a living system and working model...to ground the principle of harmony into our everyday lives, like an ever-flowering Mandela...synthesizing all perspectives and techniques, and disseminating to all, the same, without judgment or conflict....... Kythera Ann loves her work, and her site is a gleaming example of it. Do yourself a favor (really); explore this scholastic garden of wealth. Her logo is below.....Dwayne

         Contest is really not a competition with a winner. It is just a way to find the best and the next best explanations of the truth about life and   

         death. It will always have the best explanation of the truth on top followed by the next best, no matter who writes it. It is what is said that
         matters, not who said it that matters.
  "Your total individuality is your soul. It abides in the indeterminate plurality of universes. Because it is alive, it is evolving". Very interesting site and similar to mine in many ways. Dwayne
      GNOSIS "The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed" A new book by, Philip Gardiner.
       Like the rest of my site and links, this book touches on all points and helps to reveal the hidden manna in ancient writings, plus! I have thoroughly enjoyed the way it is written and I can find nothing I can respectively disagree with. I think a visit to his site and  works is a part of the quest. A must read for those on the path.....Dwayne
     Everything Forever (Devin Harris) This website describes the land of forever; the motionless timeless world that existed before our time began and will be after our time ends, from which we borrow our moment of now. And it describes the single fabric  of the world from which we are woven. The ultimate universe is one place that has perfect symmetry and extends infinitely in every direction.

  • Scientific Panthesim: an empirical religion for the Third Millennium. Do you feel all things are connected as one. This site explores these laws.
    Welcome to Alex Grey's
  • On-Line Studio Alex Grey's, "On-Line Studio" is one of the most spiritual guided art sites I have seen. His writings definitely give him away as a spiritual influence to all that can truly see him - with his works. Be sure and read his writing on,  THE VAST EXPANSE................. See banner below.  Dwayne  
  • "The Christ Mind" To live in The Christ Mind... IS TO LIVE AS GOD!  

     Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions. ..... Mountains of information

    Beyond The Veil "As higher consciousness awakens among the human beings on earth, we will awaken to the realization that, though we are in the physical world, we are not of the physical world. We are merely visitors. Aliens, if you will. Here to explore, to learn, to create, to experience, to touch, to love one another. And then we will return to our spiritual homes, our lives enhanced by our human experiences." ..............This site is one that should be explored!

    ONLINE COUNSELING  Ewa Schwarz, offers Online Counseling and Consulting Services with Guaranteed Results. She has wonderful information that can help anyone come out of depression and other complicated situations. There is much more than I can mention here. Take the time to check it out. Well worth it! Dwayne 

      Jacob Boehme On-Line Manuscripts Truely an enlightend soul. Beautiful esoteric writings that will be enjoyed by all "truth" seekers.

  •  The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn Ms. Shinn was an artist and a metaphysics teacher in New York in the early part of this century. Her books are truly incredible. They are relatively short, but they are profound. Apparently, she had quite a following in her "heyday", for her lectures were well attended and her books were popular not only here in America, but also abroad. Her writings focus on the power of affirmations and of our thoughts and words.

    Society for Philosophy   
    philosophical thoughts considering : epistemology, hermeneutics, phenomenology comparative mysticism, neurotheology, metaphysics studies in Ancient Egyptian philosophy and the philosophy of mathematics

    The Secret Doctrine 

    montalk.net  It is the intent of this site to present viewpoints and ideas that push the boundaries of fringe knowledge. Hopefully, this helps you become aware of new choices and better utilize your freewill. Here you will find original articles devoted to fringe topics. To put it simply, material on this site has three themes: what's out there, how to get out there, and how to defend against those who try to keep you back.

 Inter Galactic Library  
"The Inter Galactic Library provides links to many sites all over the world, that house  the thoughts and writings of the greatest minds in the universe. These links will provide you with access to many Electronic Texts as well as Reading  Lists,      Art, Music and sources for additional information."

  • Comparative Religion A Directory of Internet Resources for the Academic Study of Religion. "To me, one of the largest sites on the web for resources in "Comparative Religion," and many, many associated subjects. A must for anyone on a journey for knowledge in these areas.".........Thanks Mike........Dwayne
  •  American Association For the Advancement Of Science The latest research news from journals and institutions about science, medicine, technology.

    Philosophy Research Base. Categorized by history, subject and author this meta-index integrates text resources with the best online resources in philosophy and related fields. 

    TWIN SHAMAN.....Peering into the darkness requires courage when eyes from the shadow return your gaze. Those who live in the darkness, their eyes peering back from the shadow of years spent away from the light, tell us much about the countless others who remain hidden. Most of the eyes staring back are veiled with discouragement, but some are enraged at anyone who ventures into their darkness. These shadows of false perception border each life, each personal experience on the journey into the light.

    The Internet Sacred Text Archive Open Source for the Human Soul World Religions Traditions Mysteries What's New?

    N/A Net Networking is the physical manifestation of the spiritual hierarchy. What it represents is the interconnectiveness that we each share with each other and the universe. On a more practical level it is the collecting and sharing of information and resources by various individuals and groups to accomplish a specific goal or project. 

    "CLOTHED WITH THE SUN" by ANNA (BONUS) KINGSFORD.  "Anna Kingsford was an extraordinary 19th Century woman. She was one of the first women in Britain to become a medical doctor, edited a feminist newspaper, and served as president of the Theosophical Society. She knew Helena P. Blatavsky, Eliphas Levi, and many other primary figures in Occult and Esoteric circles of the time". For her time - this is excellent work!

    The Voice Of The Shuttle An exhaustive amount of resources and links. 

  • Morgana's Observatory "You might be surprised to find similar prophecies and myths from many different cultures. Those similarities, as well as some idea of the cycles of history, are keys to the doors of the future. You won't, however, find much interpretation interwoven into texts; your educated guess is as good as mine or anyone else's. You will, I hope, be happy to find that this site does not promote any particular religion or theology. I'm simply offering free food for free thought." Very interesting and worth the visit...Dwayne

  • Prophecy Keepers, Native American Elders and I, wish to offer you  a rare opportunity to read about Native Prophecy from a Native American point-of-view. Very informative. Dwayne

    Bunny Sings Wolf  Dream-painted music sent with conviction, beauty, compassion, from a memorable feminine voice, in peaceful lyrics,  with Acoustic Folk Guitar, Native American Flute and Drum. Truly a place of peace.

    The Hermetic Library Web hosting for the spiritual arts. A must for Gnostics, and all lovers of wisdom.

  • Free Online Books
    A wide variety can be found here.

  • Myths and Legends
    A very well organized comprehensive compilation of Myths and Legends.
    Hidden Mysteries Books 
    Hard to find, rare and out of print books.

  • The Libri of Aleister Crowley
    Somewhat exhaustive. Well done.
  •  The Diatessaron  Early Christian Writings.

  • The Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy
    A searchable site from A- to - Z of famous philosophers.
    Star lighter Alternative Directory
    Discover the enlightened side of the World Wide Web. My ultimate goal is to make this the Yahoo of the spiritually and alternatively minded.
  •    Beyond Religion...Very comprehensive.

    WWW Bible Gateway Great for finding words, verses and locations in different Bible revisions and languages.

  • The Human Language Page Whether you're looking for online language lessons, translating dictionaries, native literature, translation services, software, language schools, or just a little information on a language you've heard about, the HLP probably has something to suit your needs.

      Wing Makers
"Nearly 27 years ago, mysterious artifacts were found that led to one of the most intriguing scientific and anthropological discoveries ever made. A secret, unacknowledged department of the NSA -- responsible for extraterrestrial    contact and technology assimilation -- took the discovery into their purposes of their own agenda. This secret organization is known as the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) and has enjoyed complete department of the NSA. It is headquartered in Virginia, but also have personnel in Belgium, India, and Indonesia. They are largely unknown, even to senior directors within the NSA.The ACIO is the lowest profile organization within the entire intelligence community. Its agenda is to research, assimilate, and replicate any technologies or discoveries of extraterrestrial origin. Its personnel consist mainly of scientists who are completely anonymous, yet are paid salaries in excess of $400,000 per year because of their security clearance and IQ. This secret organization not only possesses enormous brain power, but it is also in possession of technologies that are far in advance of any other research facility on the planet. They are, in a word, privileged." A most profound depth of universal energy, and its laws, illustrated in the power of the mind.. For those who like to delve into the deep, this site has information that can take you to your desired depths...As for its authenticity, I'm not sure...? But, the philosophical information, matches universal principles; who ever wrote it.

Quantum Future "The Quantum Future Project started as a dream, then this dream was converted into mathematical equations, which were converted into numbers. These numbers can be crunched by computers to simulate pointer readings of measuring devices. In this respect the theory works. But does it free us from the Ptolemeian thinking? I believe not. Not yet. It is the first step - to stop denying that things "happen." But how many other steps must be made until Copernikus and then Kepler, and then Newton will put an end to the `quantum controlled schizophrenia?' Now I invite you to my Quantum Future pages that deal with different aspects of the Project." Take a tour of Arkadiusz Jadczyk's Quantum Future site for a beautiful mind experience. You could say; It's something to dream about. Also, check his new addition, "Cassiopaean" site out. ...Great experience! ......Dwayne

The Awareness Center This is a nice place to "wake up" and stretch your mind. "When you see an 'enemy,'
 warn the people," Right?? Let it be so.

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